Mr. Jingles – Adopted July 19 2008 – Marh 31, 2017

After I lost my cat Cheeseburger in 2008, I was devastated and vowed I would never have another cat. A few months later my son wanted to look at fish in a pet store. They also had cat adoptions there and he convinced me to just look. As we passed the rows of cages, Jingles reached out his paw and touched my arm…of course I took that as a sign. We adopted Mr. Jingles from START II (Save the Animals Rescue Team II).

I learned Mr. Jingles was pulled from a kill list at a shelter. He was about 3-4 years old and had been in other homes, but returned. He was a big boy, about 18 pounds, white and grey with a black nose. I noticed a big bald spot on his back. I was told he was pulling out his fur, a sign of stress. He was a quirky, funny cat who picked his person right away – my son. They were best buddies. We also adopted two more cats, Tony Cat and Cheezeburger (yes another Cheezeburger, already named by the group who found him. My daughter found his picture in the newspaper and of course we had to adopt him.)

When my children moved out, it was just me and My Boys. At bedtime we all went into “our bedroom” – all of the boys had their spots on the bed. Mr. Jingles had his pillow next to me. One night he got up and came over to me and lay down across my chest – I was shocked but so happy. This became a nightly ritual – depending on my sleep position, sometimes JJ would make himself comfy on my back (picture).

Mr. Jingles would be sitting on the end table, waiting for me when I came home from work. He liked people, and I would take him to visit my Mom. He drank spring water from a paper cup on the bathroom counter; JJ loved watching the birds and “talked” to them; we’d watch Star Trek TOS together. We’d review my bird pictures and I’d ask Mr. J what kind of birds he thought they were. JJ liked music and when I would be on my computer, all of the boys would camp out on the kitchen table, Mr. J in front of the boom box. We’d share an occasional potato chip, and he tolerated kisses on his head.

I can’t believe JJ is gone. I had a dream about him the day after he passed. I was outside and I saw Mr. J in the grass. I called to him and he came to me. I picked him up…he was weightless. I held him in my arms and could feel his fur. I kissed his head like I always did. Then he was gone from my arms and I saw him back in the grass.

When I would leave for work I would always tell JJ, “Mr. Jingles, you have the bridge.” JJ is probably commanding his own starship at the Rainbow Bridge.

Mr. Jingles was an awesome cat. I miss him so much.

Mama loves you JJ. I will never forget you. I need to believe Cheeseburger was there to meet you at the bridge. Take care of each other. I love you JJ. I’m sorry.