T-Bone Elassar 11/18/2003 – 3/25/2017

I rescued you on June 19th 2011 at SPCA Tampa Bay. You were a bundle of crazy joy and enriched the family dynamic with plenty of excitement. I knew we were both old souls right away. It took me a while but I fought to make room for you, I knew I had to bring you home because it broke my heart that you were thrown around in the shelter for most of your life. Although it took a few months for you to warm up to me, it was totally worth it! This I learned after I realized you grew to trust me more and more as time went by. That is when I noticed your true loyalty towards me. I thank you for making me a better person and teaching me so much. I wish I could take back the chaos caused by relationship turmoils and having to move across country, and that difficult time I took you for granted. But I’m so glad I had you by my side. I hope you knew that I would do anything for you. It breaks my heart when I think of our last night together. You were just holding onto me, and I felt all your love but I also saw your pain. When I think of how you would sacrifice everything including your dignity just so you could be with me, to know that I’m ok, it breaks me. You literally were the toughest little man I will ever know.
You were a survivor. You were my protector, my bodyguard, my spirit animal, my crazy baby, a true charmer. Diesel really misses you. Keep Coco entertained until we all meet again. My beloved T-Bone.