Honored Pet Memorial Wall

Honored Pet Memorial Wall

In Loving Memory…

Remembrance is important. The memorials on this wall will never be taken down, creating an everlasting tribute to your loved one. The pets honored below have touched the lives of families and will be forever missed.



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Bailey July 11, 2006 till January 26, 2021

My Bailey puppy which we called her even at 14-1/2 was the sweetest most loyal loving dog I’ve even have known I run a dog rescue and from her puppy days she was always willing to share her toys her treats but her mom not so much Everyone who knew Bailey loved her and she has left a paw print on all our hearts We will Luv You Furever Bailey ❤️Mom Dad Marc Shealyn Ryan and Luna

lucky 03/05/2013 01/18/2021

Lucky was the sweet loving dog. When i was fighting cancer he saved my life 3 time’s. He stayed with me every time when i was in hurting or crying. I love him so much. He gave me so much joy and happyness when i was hurting inside. He was the best pet. I love him to death. The day he die he wonted me to hold him tight in my arms. Lucky until the day I see you again in heaven I love you and will always miss you.

Charlemain, March 22, 2008 to January 13, 2021

My deepest and closest friend and companion. We loved each other and took care of each other for close to 13 years. I have never experienced a more complete or pure love. You will forever live on in my heart and my soul. I love beyond compare.

Maya (April 7, 2007 – December 29, 2020)

My sweet Maya girl.. I am so heartbroken that you had to leave me. I will never have another girl as sweet as you. Everyone who met you loved you. You were my best friend we went everywhere together. I will miss u all the days of my life until we meet again. Love you Mommy

Diamond 11/1/04-12/10/2020

Lost my bestfriend of 16 years. . From one week old puppy that showed up at my home in a shoebox to last day you weren’t just an amazing dog you were family that brought smiles to many faces. There’s not a day go by that we don’t think about you. I love you my Diamond and you’ll be my pooch again soon enough. Diamonds are forever and so are you.
Rest in Peace my sweet lady!

Red Messineo 12/21/1995-12/10/2020

You came into our lives filled it with happiness and joy and now we have to say goodbye for now because God has called you to his door. You leave a huge void not of your doing because of your condition you will truly be missed. You were one of the best cats we’ve ever had and we love you so much. We’ll cherish the time you were with us and never forget you and look forward to seeing you in God’s kingdom one day. Rest in Peace my “handsome” love and miss you terribly.😭

Bailey Galeota 09/12/03 – 11/22/2020

Bailey we love and miss you so much. You were the greatest dog ever. We tried so hard to take care of you. You lived for 17 years which is a long time.
I only wish you didn’t have all the health issues the last few years as you didn’t deserve it. You were so strong and still had such a beautiful disposition. Now your at peace with Lucky and Candy in heaven over the Rainbow Bridge. We are hurting so bad. But we know you are running and playing now in heaven and in no more pain. We love you so much. Until we meet again. Love Mom and Dad

River Doo 6/2003 – 10/2020

River Doo we will sadly miss you with all our hearts. I still remember the day we brought you home from the rescue, we immediately fell in love with you. I bet you are in heaven chasing groundhogs, rabbits, squirrels…. oh yes and our neighbors chickens. Your favorite holiday was Christmas. We could not leave unopened gifts under the tree as you would steal them and put them in your spot under the dining room table, as the boys grew older you were the one waking me up bright and early, it was like you knew it was gift time. Walking to the lake will never be the same, we have fond memories of you taking your occasional bath in the lake and ugh.. yes drowning a few groundhogs. In spite of the huntress in you, you were a sweet loving companion to us all, warm and cuddly. We will never ever forget you..RiverDoo

Koko, 1/8/2008 to 11/25/2020

My beloved Koko. My heart breaks each time I think of you; my main man. I thought we would have more years together. I’m so sorry you were taken too soon. Sonny and I feel how empty the house is without you here. I miss you jumping up on the bed and snuggling under the covers with me (my snuggle buddy), and how you purred when I stroked your face, and your beautiful liquid-blue eyes. And how you loved to sleep on my knitting. I have your crunchy toys. I know we will meet on the other side. Please come to me in my dreams. I will love you always.

Monte, 9/29/2002 – 11/15.2020

Monte Dog… you were so loved! It has only been a couple of days and I miss you so much. You lived a great life, 18years you gave us so much joy. You are by far the cutest most cuddly dog I have ever seen. I will miss my mornings with you. I know it was hard for you towards the end, so I know you are resting easy now. We will always cherish your memory! cuddles and kisses forever!!

Lilly 2016-2020

Our sweet Lilly,
We would have never thought we’d only spend 4 short years with you. Your favorite thing to do was cuddle and you were so good at it! We are going to miss your funny little diva personality. We know you are up in heaven playing with Bonnie, Clyde and Hershey. Till we meet again. We love you SO SO MUCH.
Karla, Mama, Dad, Layla, Vicki, Bella, Aiden, pop pop, Emily

Nout 08/06/12 -11/10/2020

My princess Nout I will always remember you, now I know that you are in a better place, One day we will be together again and we’ll cross the rainbow bridge. my heart is broken into a million pieces, you left a great emptiness in my heart, everything reminds me of you, my sweet baby, I will always remember your tenderness, and that you were always by my side. I will love you forever❤️ I will never forget you. I thank God for having you touch my heart and soul, I miss you so much and I will miss you with all my heart forever. your mommy Laura

Stitch, 9/03 – 11/20

Stitch was a 8 week old kitten i adopted from Petsmart. She was able to fit in my hand. She thought she was a dog and at times acted like a crazy cat! She was loved and we had two extra years with her after she stopped eating in 2018. We nursed her back to health and at 15 we thought she would live forever. At 17 we just celebrated her birthday and she was not acting sick at all but the mass she had was preventing her drom peeing. I had to make the hardest decision and send my angel baby to heaven. We will miss you and your begging, meowing, jumping, door opening, playing, window watching, sleeping in yoyr tent and beds, and cuddling with us. All my love always – Your mom Holly and dad Eric

JACK JACK , 09/04/20 – 10/30/20

My baby Jack Jack, we didn’t spend much time together but with the short time we did spend, I thank you for the moments you gave me. The kisses and cuddles. I miss you terribly everyday and I wish you were here. I love you my child my best friend. Furever in my heart. Thank you Jack.

Chase 12/15/12 – 10/22/20

Chase was pulled from a rural shelter in WV when he was only 4 1/2 mo old. He was 1 of 8 dogs and got along with all of them, especially his fur sister Kaiya. He was not an affectionate dog, but would nudge you with his nose or lay on you in bed when he wanted some love, which he did the morning that he died. He LOOOVED everyone he met and would wag his whole body when he greeted you, which is how he got the nickname “Mr Wiggle Butt”. To lose you so unexpectedly has been devastating & heartbreaking, but I know you are still with me my Chasey Poo. I know your fur brother Logan & Koli were there to greet you at the rainbow bridge, that is the only thing giving me some peace. Until we see each other again on the other side Poo <3

Duke June 1, 2005 -September 19, 2020

“A big name for a little dog” is what your sister said when we named you. And what a presence you had. You are terrible missed. You were there with me through some really bad times. Sir Duke-a-Lot, the Dukester, Dukie. I love you and know you will be waiting for me. Please send me a sign that you’re okay

Simon Falsetti, 10/15/03-6/3/20

Thank you Pet Meadow for everything you did to make the hardest time of my life, a little more bearable. Not only were you patient and kind to me, but all of the products I received were absolutely perfect. From pre-care, to memorial products, every step of the way was made better by your services. Thank you so much for taking care of everything for me, and ensuring my best bud was remembered perfectly. I could not thank you all enough for your services, and I know Simon thanks you. He was and will always be my best friend in the whole world, and because of you all at Pet Meadow, I can enjoy him in memorial forever. I could not have asked for a better place to memorialize my best friend through.

In loving memory of Simon, as his first heavenly birthday approaches, thank you! “You are my best friend in the whole wide world forever and ever”. I love you forever my love!

Scruffy, 1-1-07 – 4-27-20

You wondered onto my porch and into my life on New Years Day and you were a mess. Both your ears were terribly infected, half your fur was missing because of a skin allergy and the odor because of the two was awful. Were ever you had been or with whom did not take care of you. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep you but I you knew in your heart I found my home because you followed me in and never looked back. To think I thought about taking you to the pound but you were so ugly you were cute and with your underbite you always looked like you were smiling. I knew that if I took you to the pound and if no one claimed you and as we both know, no one ever did, they would have just put you down. All I know, inviting you into my home was truly a blessing. You brought so much love and laughter into my home you loved everyone and everyone loved you. You always were by my side or had to be where I was, even as I would get the mail you would be at the door watching and waiting for my return.
I will forever love and miss you. I pray that when my time comes, I will be blessed to be welcomed into Heaven as I know you were and I know without a doubt you will be at Heaven’s Gate waiting for me. I can hear you now carrying on as you see me approaching as you would do if I even left the yard for a moment and you were not at my side. I named you Scruffy so most called you Scruffy or Scruff for short but to me you will always be my sweetheart.

Charlie 09/16/09-09/30/18

Love and miss you everyday my precious boy. Love you forever Mommy


To our Gigi girl. You were fun loyal, patient and brought us so much joy. We are going to miss you so much . Thank you for loving us unconditionally. Enjoy chasing those rabbits , groundhogs ! Laying in the grass with the sun shining. Until we meet again!