Honored Pet Memorial Wall

Honored Pet Memorial Wall

In Loving Memory…

Remembrance is important. The memorials on this wall will never be taken down, creating an everlasting tribute to your loved one. The pets honored below have touched the lives of families and will be forever missed.



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In memory of Penny, Our wonderful pit mix of 14 years. She had a heart of gold. The Martino Family


Dear Elroy, We just wanted to tell you how much we miss you and love you. I know you’re in a better place now, running around with Shelby, TJ, Mikey, and Precious, and the rest of our pet family that you didn’t meet; Rufus, Niki, and Kelly. You gave us an unforgettable 14 years. Love always and Forever, Mom, Dad, Keri, Austen and Kyle, Lauren and Luke and you brother Jameson. You are deeply missed.
Ventura Family


Dear Psycho I miss you very much, when everyone would leave to go to work everyday you would come in by me cause you didn’t like to be alone. I still look for you and I miss talking to you during the day. I feel alone without you and I miss you so very much.

Elvis, 9/2/10 – 3/15/11.

Our Precious Elvis, who could have known when we brought our little boy to the hospital for your surgery that you would not come back? We hope you knew how much you were loved. You were just a baby, but the 4 months we had you were the happiest in memory and we loved you more than we thought it was possible to love anything. Our home will never be the same without you and the love and joy you brought to us. We are heartbroken and will love and miss you forever, our little man.
Mommy & Daddy
Pat and John Yenkosky


To our loyal, loving psycho. You have only been gone for less than a week but it feels like a lifetime to us. We miss you so much our hearts are broken, our tears keep falling. We get up in the am and look for you (your not there In the evening we wait for you to come up by us (you dont come) We will allways cherish our 18 years and try and search for comfort in the days ahead. It will never be the same. Love you for ever mommy and sister
Lynn & Jessica Rao


Shayna, my best friend, you had a good run my darling. I’ll miss you forever, thank you for the greatest 12 and a half years a kid could ask for, even though you weren’t a lab or big dog like i wanted. You were the greatest Shih Tzu, gone before your time. I can only hope your spirit lives on in your sister Dolly, and in all of our hearts. Rest easy up there and look down on us from time to time, we will never forget you. Until we meet again my angel.
Jeffrey Gordon & Family

George, 9/22/99 – 02/01/11

Thank You Pet Meadow for returning to us our beloved George. He was a wonderful part of our family for 11 years. He will be missed. Forever in Our Hearts.
Arlene Kohut


To our Razzie, Thank you so much for 14 wonderful years. We loved you so so very much. We will miss you more then you will ever know. You were the most loving little boy. I loved the magic string from your nose and my behind. Where ever Mommy went Razzie was sure to follow. Can I tell you how much I loved that. You will always be my little baby boy. I can still feel you in arms where you belong. Love Mommy, Daddy, Katie, Anthony and Tucker. Rest..no more pain for my sweet angel. 1/29/11 xoxoxoxoxoxo
Bonnie, Augie, Katie and Anthony Caruso


My baby boy Max, You were my sanity during the most stressful times in my life. Maxi you made every moment of everyday brighter in our lives, you made coming home from a stressful job a joy. Sleeping in my bed daily and being so playful made you oh so very special. I thank the doctor that said a pet is the best prescription for stress! The time you were in my life did not seem long enough but at least I had you even if it was brief. We will always love you and remember all the silly things you did and how you gave us joy. My life was better for having you in it your spot on my bed will always be there! We love you Maxi your moma Margarita, Robert, Tyler Parker


To my Zorka who was and will always be the best dog ever. I miss you soooo damn much zozo. I can’t get over her loss. It’s been only 3 days and it hurts like hell. I would have never thought it’d be so hard. I love you Zorka. RIP in the Meadow. I’ll never forget you.
Veronique Durney


Dear sweet little Nikki, Our tears and memories soothe our wounded souls. You brought so much love and happiness into our lives and we miss every moment now without you. You will always be our precious little guy and live in our hearts forever. Our lives were so enriched for the 18 years you gave us. We will keep your place on the sofa where the three of us watched our favorite shows each night. Until we meet again when we are all home together once more.
Glenn and Rachel


To my Cookie Girl you were the best dog that anybody could ask for. You were our best friend and you will be missed everyday. I love you bubba and one day I will see you and Maxboy again over that rainbow bridge.
Don & Jen Fischer

Missy, October 8, 1996 – September 14, 2010

Good-bye, Missy, you were truly one of a kind and not a day goes by that I don’t miss you. You gave our family fourteen years of unconditional love. I hope you know how much you are loved and missed. You will never be forgotten. I hope one day we will meet again … over the rainbow bridge … and be together forever.
Audra Musco & Family

Susan T.

Kai – You were the lead in our pack and each day you are without us is so painful. We miss you so much and hope that one day we will see you again in health and happiness. We love you Kai!

The Marchei Family

Still thinking of you Sweetie! This time last year – I knew the end was near and made sure we went to PetSmart and got one last beautiful portrait with you and the kids and Honey! Still hear you meowing in my heart – still hurting so bad – thought it would be easier but not at all – Love you – thought about you at Thanksgiving and how last year you ate part of our Turkey before we even got to cook it – Miss you 🙁

Haley Viaud, 10/13/00 – 5/23/15

My Haley, my baby girl. You were my co-pilot in life. I will miss you every single day until we meet again. Enjoy your time on the Rainbow but you better come a running as soon as I get there!
Love you with all my heart baby girl!!!

carol ecker

For Rosie, all our love and treasured memories go with you and yet still stay in our broken hearts/ Wait at Heaven’s gate, ol girl till we see you again 2/14/96 – 10/10/10


To my baby Bailey. My biggest wish is that I added even half as much love to your life as you did to mine. I love you so much and miss you every minute. I cannot wait to see you again one day where I can hug you and never let go this time.

Bari Demitriou

In loving memory of my best friend for 16 years, Harley. You stuck with me through good and bad and were always right by my side to cuddle up with. You were such a good boy and so sweet. I will miss you so much and will always love you. You have a special place in my heart. Someday we will meet again. September 14, 1994-October 5, 2010.


My Stella- My daughter, my best friend- -I miss you every day. Such a short life for such a wonderful soul. I know that you waited for your mommy to get where you were to die in my arms.. Thank you for filling every day I spent with you with so much joy. I love you forever..see you at the rainbow bridge..Love, Mommy