Miyu 3/31/2014 4/21/2022

Miyu’s full name was Vampire Princess Miyu. She was the sweetest girl that head a fetish for biting(fitting name huh?). She was 8 years old when she passed away from untreated diabetes. I feel awful I didn’t know everyday. She was my baby girl who loved to ride on my shoulders like a parrot every chance she got. She had a brother cat named Zarro who taught her everything she knew. When she joined my small family she was 2 months old and 2 pounds. For a few months she would bother her brother kitty tremendously. Not before long the pair became inseparable. I miss them both very very much. Everyday I think of Miyu and the impact she had on my life. She gave me much more joy then she would ever know. She will forever be in my memory until I die. My pets are my life and trust me Miyu I will never forget you Angel.