Squishy, 04/20/2020-09/12/2023

For only 3 years, this sweet and gentle little dragon left a huge paw print on many peoples hearts. Squishy was fully of life and many facial expressions. Whether it be excited to see her dishes get grabbed for her favorite meal, dubia roaches, sad when the dish was taken away because she consumed them in record time and excited when she saw her mothers new nail colors thinking they were a new hornworm waiting to enter her tank. Squishy loved to be cuddled. Whether it would be on the couch or hanging out with mom on the bed. But her favorite thing was car rides. Whether it be to Home Depot, mommy’s job or the dreaded vet. She was game for anything. Surviving her is mother who took amazing care of her, Amanda. Her step mommy Ashley. Her grandma Debbie. Her big brother Lizanardo. And finally her two younger siblings Casper and Zoey. You finally have your wings squish. Now go be a real dragon and we will see you soon. We love you sweet girl