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Vita Burger Mace June 20th, 2017 Play In Peace

You were the sweetest kitty in the entire world! Since the day I go you, you’d slept with me every night. Now you will be watching over me as I sleep. Your Mommy and Daddy will miss all of our ‘Vita Burger, Daddy!’ moments, and how you’d jump up on the sink to drink
water. We will miss how you tripped us every time we walked through the front door. And we will never forget how you jumped like a great white shark when someone had plastic to try and steal it. We will miss your chirps around the house and that beautiful face of yours. You truly were the most perfect kitty in the world. You may not be here physically, but you are always in our hearts. Letting you go was the hardest thing we have ever had to do. You are my greatest love and my worst heartbreak. Please watch over your brothers and sisters from up in Kitty Heaven. I know you’ll be loved up there too. Forever and always with love, Mommy and Daddy.


Brandy 12/20/ 2003 – 6/13/2017

We love & miss you so very much Brandy girl. As much as we didn’t want to say good bye we knew in our hearts it was the right decision for you. for giving me the the signs these last few days. I now know it’s you & you made it to Rainbow Bridge & our with Jasper & Sasha. It gives me peace knowing you are ok, happy, healthy, & that we will be together again some day. We love you so very much & thanks for always making me smile each & everyday. So many wonderful memories I will hold in my heart forever. ❀️ Love always your family,
Mom, Dad, Kelly, Brian, Kerry, & Spooky


Elvis 2-7-05 – 6-9-16

It has been one year that I had to say good bye to you. It has been the toughest year of my life. You were my first baby I have had you before my own children where born. I still can not believe it has been 1 year without you. I miss you so much. Your bed is still laying down in case you came for a visit. I miss you so much Elvis you where and are my best friend. I know you are with me I miss and love you so much. We will be together again one day but for now you are my angel I love you so much I miss you stinky kisses to heaven you are my heart


Mocha 9/1/04-5/22/17

I miss you everyday and will love you forever. You were and always will be my best girl.


mezzimo 06/19/2002 01/2012



mezzimo 06/19/2002 01/2012


Topaz 12/24 /1999. – 5/13/2015

Dear Baby at

It’s 2 years today and we still miss you. The happiness you brought into my life can never be replaced.

Love always and forever,



Levi born October 10, 2008 – May 6, 2017

My sweet Levi had to leave us much too soon. the most devoted loving adored boy – our hearts are broken. You are at peace now, no more struggles. I hope you are with Benjamin and snuggling close like you always did.

Nicki rescued September 2012 – May 9,2017

My dear sweet baby girl. You were taken way to soon from us. You were so beautiful, smart and loving. I will miss your big beautiful blue eyes, loving personality and our walk abouts. My heart is broken knowing you won’t be with us anymore. You will always be in our hearts and memories. Until we meet again Nicki doodle all my love forever Mommy and Daddy.

Maggie, February 4, 2013-May 7, 2017

In memory of our brave, loyal and spirited Maggie. You were loved and will be missed dearly.

mezzimo 06/19/2002 01/2012




Deuce 11/10/2011 – 4/20/2017

The best dog anyone could have… a true gentle giant, protector and best friend.


Mr. Jingles – Adopted July 19 2008 – Marh 31, 2017

After I lost my cat Cheeseburger in 2008, I was devastated and vowed I would never have another cat. A few months later my son wanted to look at fish in a pet store. They also had cat adoptions there and he convinced me to just look. As we passed the rows of cages, Jingles reached out his paw and touched my arm…of course I took that as a sign. We adopted Mr. Jingles from START II (Save the Animals Rescue Team II).

I learned Mr. Jingles was pulled from a kill list at a shelter. He was about 3-4 years old and had been in other homes, but returned. He was a big boy, about 18 pounds, white and grey with a black nose. I noticed a big bald spot on his back. I was told he was pulling out his fur, a sign of stress. He was a quirky, funny cat who picked his person right away – my son. They were best buddies. We also adopted two more cats, Tony Cat and Cheezeburger (yes another Cheezeburger, already named by the group who found him. My daughter found his picture in the newspaper and of course we had to adopt him.)

When my children moved out, it was just me and My Boys. At bedtime we all went into “our bedroom” – all of the boys had their spots on the bed. Mr. Jingles had his pillow next to me. One night he got up and came over to me and lay down across my chest – I was shocked but so happy. This became a nightly ritual – depending on my sleep position, sometimes JJ would make himself comfy on my back (picture).

Mr. Jingles would be sitting on the end table, waiting for me when I came home from work. He liked people, and I would take him to visit my Mom. He drank spring water from a paper cup on the bathroom counter; JJ loved watching the birds and “talked” to them; we’d watch Star Trek TOS together. We’d review my bird pictures and I’d ask Mr. J what kind of birds he thought they were. JJ liked music and when I would be on my computer, all of the boys would camp out on the kitchen table, Mr. J in front of the boom box. We’d share an occasional potato chip, and he tolerated kisses on his head.

I can’t believe JJ is gone. I had a dream about him the day after he passed. I was outside and I saw Mr. J in the grass. I called to him and he came to me. I picked him up…he was weightless. I held him in my arms and could feel his fur. I kissed his head like I always did. Then he was gone from my arms and I saw him back in the grass.

When I would leave for work I would always tell JJ, “Mr. Jingles, you have the bridge.” JJ is probably commanding his own starship at the Rainbow Bridge.

Mr. Jingles was an awesome cat. I miss him so much.

Mama loves you JJ. I will never forget you. I need to believe Cheeseburger was there to meet you at the bridge. Take care of each other. I love you JJ. I’m sorry.


MEZZIMO 06/19/2002 01/19/2012




T-Bone Elassar 11/18/2003 – 3/25/2017

I rescued you on June 19th 2011 at SPCA Tampa Bay. You were a bundle of crazy joy and enriched the family dynamic with plenty of excitement. I knew we were both old souls right away. It took me a while but I fought to make room for you, I knew I had to bring you home because it broke my heart that you were thrown around in the shelter for most of your life. Although it took a few months for you to warm up to me, it was totally worth it! This I learned after I realized you grew to trust me more and more as time went by. That is when I noticed your true loyalty towards me. I thank you for making me a better person and teaching me so much. I wish I could take back the chaos caused by relationship turmoils and having to move across country, and that difficult time I took you for granted. But I’m so glad I had you by my side. I hope you knew that I would do anything for you. It breaks my heart when I think of our last night together. You were just holding onto me, and I felt all your love but I also saw your pain. When I think of how you would sacrifice everything including your dignity just so you could be with me, to know that I’m ok, it breaks me. You literally were the toughest little man I will ever know.
You were a survivor. You were my protector, my bodyguard, my spirit animal, my crazy baby, a true charmer. Diesel really misses you. Keep Coco entertained until we all meet again. My beloved T-Bone.


Buddy, 1/12/09 – 3/31/17

Our dearest Buddy…not only were you the best dog a family could ever ask for but you were our best friend and was loved so much! Watching you struggle these past few months just broke our hearts and we had to put our selfishness aside of wanting you with us and love you enough to let you go! The pain has been unbearable but we know in our hearts you are no longer in pain and running around again in Heaven like a dog is supposed to do! Thank you for returning all that love back to us and more and know that you are forever in our hearts! Love and miss you more than you could ever imagine! Rest In Peace handsome! You were simply amazing! πŸ’™πŸΆπŸ™πŸ»πŸ’™


Ruby Rose – Rescued 2/23/07 – 3/14/17

We gave you our version of a forever home and all the love we had to offer for 10 years. You were the Queen, and Gemma and CC miss you very much. Rescuing you from the shelter that day was one of the best days of our lives and Mom and Dad miss you dearly. You impacted us more than you will ever know. We hope you are not suffering anymore and that you found your kittens that you lost when you were younger. We know we will see you again one day sweet Ruby Boo, but life won’t be the same without you. We love you.


Isabella Smith-Falcone 12/29/09-03/15/17

Rest In Peace Bella. My goofy little squiddlypoof who saved me, and for that I could never repay you. You no longer have to fight, although you were such a tough cookie and fought a tougher battle than I ever could have, and through it all your main concern wasn’t being by my side and making me smile. You were so loved, and you will forever be in mommy’s and my heart. I love you, Bella.


Lady, 1-20-2005 – 3-7-2017

Rest In Peace my little friend, thank you for allowing us to be in your life for 12 years. For a little dog you had a big heart. You will be greatly missed. We will love you always Lady Dog.


Rain, Dec. 2013 – Mar. 2017

We miss you so much Rainbow. Words cannot begin to explain how empty our home and hearts are without you. But we will always have you right in our hearts, forever. May you rest so peacefully, our bow bow. -Mom and Dad xoxo