Honored Pet Memorial Wall

Honored Pet Memorial Wall

In Loving Memory…

Remembrance is important. The memorials on this wall will never be taken down, creating an everlasting tribute to your loved one. The pets honored below have touched the lives of families and will be forever missed.



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George Bailey

Our beloved Bailey, you have left a gapping hole in our hearts in leaving us too soon. We we’re not prepared for your time. The love you have given is beyond anything that we could have imagined when we adopted you. Our sweet boy, we miss you terribly! Born on Christmas day in 2011 we had the most wonderful life with you. A sweet gentle giant of a boy, loving, gentle, devoted, beautiful and playful. Everyone admired your beauty, children loved you, your size intimidated many, but they didn’t know how gentle and loving you were. You loved your daddy, loved your walks, and talks, your special treats and your weekly daycare buddies. Our sweet boy we are struggling to go on without you, but we could not be selfish and allow you to be in pain, so letting you go was the right thing for you, but it doesn’t feel right. We know we have to carry on, but life will not be the same without you. We love you our special boy! xxoo Mommy and Daddy

Stella – June 15, 2010-September 16, 2021

Our hearts are shattered by the sudden loss of our beautiful Stella. We will miss her running around the house with Cookie and Rosie, laying on my computer keyboard while I try to work and resting her head on both me and John whenever we sat down on the couch. Stella could ease our stress with her comforting purr. She graced us with pure, unconditional love.

Stella will always remain the hearts of everyone who knew her and will be especially missed by myself, my husband and her 2 furry sisters, Rosie the dog and Cookie the cat.

We love you, Stella. Rest easy, little girl. 💔

Lyman Unknown-October 6th, 2021

Lyman, you came to us from being displaced by a hurricane. We had intentions of adopting you out to a loving family but we grew to love you instead. Our grumpy old man, we’ll miss your bright green eyes staring at us waiting for pets. We’ll miss the bond you and Coco had. We’ll miss all of the lunch break cuddles. We’ll never be the same without you. Say hi to Penny for us. The AHC Family

Garbanzo 05-15-2009 07-11-2020

My beautiful boy every day I miss you dearly, every day I remember you love you very much, God enjoy having you in heaven my precious boy…

REMI – SEPTEMBER 3, 2005 – OCTOBER 28, 2020

😭😭My gorgeous and precious Remi! Mommy loves and misses you so much! My heart has been broken since your passing! I haven’t been the same since! My heart aches for you everyday! You’ve brought so much joy in my life for 15 years!!! I’m incomplete without you! You are no longer suffering and is in the loving arms of God!! One day we will meet again My Sweetpea, My Princess!! You will be with me always!! Love always Mommy😭😭😭😭

Kemdi June 13, 2005 – September 26, 2021

Our beautiful Kemdi, We are totally heartbroken. You are loved by all! Oh, Our baby girl. We shared many holidays, birthdays, and special events together. You even took part in our wedding.
When I was recovering from a brain aneurysm you were right there to help me heal. You’ve been by our side through ups and downs always ready to give us the comfort that we needed. Thank you for 16yrs of unconditional love. Rest In Doggie Heaven my Sweet as our hearts lead us to believe we shall one day be together again.

George, 9/2007-9/2021

I honestly never thought I could love a cat as much as I love you. Two days before Christmas in 2007, I got the idea that our family needed a cat and I envisioned you…a beautiful black cat with big green eyes. I called St Hubert’s Animal Shelter to see and sure enough, they said they had found a litter of kittens underneath the dumpster at Kings Supermarket. There was one kitten still available and I was told you were an adorable feisty little male and her favorite, named King George. I confirmed we wanted you and came early the next morning on Christmas Eve. I was so nervous that another family would get you. I believe you were meant for us and throughout the next 14 years, you brought all of us such tremendous joy, by simply being you. We laughed and endured all of the baby mice, rabbits, chipmunks and birds that you brought into the house. I’m sure you thought they were the perfect gifts for us. Just hugging you next to my heart immediately took away all of my stress and you purred and did it happily. We are so grateful to have had you as our cat and will love and miss you forever.


For thirteen years you warmed our hearts with your amazing disposition and kind soul. You will always be our gentle giant. A piece of our hearts is with you Bubba and our hearts are filled with amazing memories. That amazing nose sniffed out bombs and you worked hard Bub! Our love for you will never be extinguished.

Mr. Chow D. 6/27/21

Chewy, there will never be another cat quite like you. You charmed everyone who met you. I was in love from the moment I found you dirty, sick, & ill, but still sweet, smart. & lovable. I miss you every day, all the time in the world wouldn’t have been enough. I’ll see you at the Bridge💙

Sophie 2/11/2006 – 9/17/2021

Our Sophie girl, a companion, friend and family member. We will never forget our time down the shore by the beach, it was your favorite place. We will never forget your 7am bark to go out or your snoring during your midday nap. There is a hole in our hearts and an emptiness without you. We did everything we could to give you a full life with plenty of love and attention. We will love you and miss you forever.
Love Mommy, Daddy and Mimi

Minnie 6/2007-9/20/2021

Minnie for the last 14 years you watched me from the window as I left every day for work. You greeted me at the door everyday when I came home. You said, lets play with your toys everyday, You were devoted to me every day. You loved you bity bones, ice cream, and cuddling up in your basket, and chewing your stuffed animals ears off. You loved your kitty cat sisters, chasing squirrels, and chasing frisbee’s. You were the most loyal companion I could ever ask for. In our hearts forever.

Loki bear 9-21-19—9/20/21

You were the best we could have ever asked for. Never a scratch and never a bite. Just loving nibbles & the purest of delight having you in our world. Black cats are a loving, caring, affectionate breed all of their own 🐈‍⬛🖤
May God wrap you in a blanket of protection and happiness. May you meet Grandma Dee Dee, Grandma Madeline , Gramp Armand and Reno on the other side. ✝️ We love you little black bean. Our love, our Loke.

Thaddeus 4/2013-9/12/2021

we had to say goodbye to a very special animal…I am truly devastated over the sudden loss of this sweet big guy… he was a kind, gentle giant who wouldn’t scratch or bite anything or anyone… I cannot believe the pain I feel over his loss… it is truly unbearable.. I hope we gave him the best life and I hope he was happy to be with us the last 8.5 years…you are such a good boy Thaddeus and I hope you are no longer in pain… we love you dearly … my heart is broken forever

Maximus Odierna-Culzac 5/2007-9/21/2021

My best friend for 14 years, you were the most loyal, loving, and strong friend. You helped me grow up and I hope I made you proud. I will love you forever and will only hope to see you soon. Above all else you loved your family and treats. We miss you bub. Xo

Loki Bear 9/21/19—9/20/21

Mom, Hutz, Mark, Grandma Gilda and Grandpa Mike will always love and miss you. Thank you for your healing , your love and your companionship. You have forever left a paw print 🐾 on our hearts. When I adopted you from the shelter, on my way there, after 4 times of visiting you, was so nervous I would have missed out on someone else adopting you. When I arrived, you were still there. I waited for the staff member and couldn’t wait to tell her I was there to pick you up. I went home and started life with my best friend. I’m so sorry that we had no idea you were even sick until it was too late. Forever in my heart. Love you Bubba.
– Danielle

Peanut 11/24/2009 – 09/20/2021

Thank you for your bark.
Thank you for welcoming me home with a smile and a wagging tail.
Thank you for your kisses and paws without asking
Thank you for your energy and your silly antics.
Thank you for lying next to me.
Thank you for a cold wet nose.
Thank you for accepting me.
Thank you for adopting me.
Thank you for your patience.
Thank you for your unconditional love ❤️
Till we meet again I love you my biggy girl ❤️
Give Dad and Loc some wet kisses for me 😢

Milo 2004-9/16/21

I will miss you . You have been with me for the last 17 1/2 years. You are in a better place now , your with our past beloved pets . Love you always and forever

Chloe, June 10, 2010 – September 16, 2021

RIP my sweet Chloe Girl. You will be so very deeply missed. You were, hands down, the FEISTIEST female I have ever known. Yet you were always a true princess in every sense. You came into my life at just the right time, mending my broken heart after losing Grandma and Casey Kitty. You were feisty even as a kitten with your ears so big they took over your head! It took you some time to grow into those ears! You were spunky, funny, sweet (to me at least, others may disagree, lol), quirky, and full of life. You challenged everyone you met (especially Chris and Clover Hill staff!) and loved doing so. However, you loved me unconditionally with all your heart, and you couldn’t have been sweeter to me, always. You knew the times I was sad, and you snuggled with me. You knew when I was about to oversleep, and you’d wake me up! You were a wonderful assistant and sat by me for all my research, paper writing, and moaning/groaning about graduate school. Laser light games will never be the same. How will I get my schoolwork done without you pushing my papers to the floor, chewing on the tip of my pencil while I write, and laying on my computer keyboard while swatting at the screen? I will think of you every time I hear Ray Charles “Crazy Love” and how we danced to that song. Mornings will be sad without you waking me up (aggressively, lol) for breakfast. Walking through the door after a long day at work will be so lonely. You were the best door greeter, and always made me so happy to be home. I loved coming home to you. But today you had to leave us, all too soon. I am so very sad. You are not in pain anymore, and that gives me peace. But peace doesn’t fill the void and emptiness left behind. Know that you were loved, adored, and will be missed by us all (even those you hissed and swatted at, lol). Go be with Calvin and chase after the laser lights, roll in the catnip, and EAT lots of food. Meet me at the door when I get up there…….I will forever love you, my sweet Chloe girl.

Charlie. 09/16/2009-09/30/2018

Love and miss you today and always
Happy Birthday to you hope your running free and celebrating with friends at Rainbow Bridge
Love Mommy

Missy Childers DOB 2007 – 9/4/2021

Our sweet Missy, I’m not sure who rescued who but we know that when you became part of our family we were complete. You were the sweetest, smartest most loving fur baby we could have ever asked for. You will be truly missed and dearly loved until we meet again. Run free baby girl, your pain and suffering is over. Mom and Dad will love you forever.