Honored Pet Memorial Wall

Honored Pet Memorial Wall

In Loving Memory…

Remembrance is important. The memorials on this wall will never be taken down, creating an everlasting tribute to your loved one. The pets honored below have touched the lives of families and will be forever missed.



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King Kylo, unknown, 11/10/2022

Our dearest Kylo was the sweetest cat. When we went to adopt him, the lady at the shelter had said he didn’t like people and that he scratched a lot. I went up to his cage and he stuck his paw out at me and looked at me with his beautiful green eyes. When she opened the cage he jumped on me and at that moment I knew he was my cat, he had picked me. Kylo was my spirit animal. He always knew when I was down, always sat with me when I was sick, he never left my side. He was a no foolishness kind of floof and he didn’t let many people touch him, but he always loved my cuddles. He was a faithful friend and companion. We loved him so much and still do. No matter where he is he will always be in my heart. He loved us so much, but he was always a Mama’s boy. He truly was the catalyst to my cat lady-dom and he opened both our hearts to so much love. Our Kylo will forever live on in our memory and in our hearts. The moments we had I will cherish them until the day we meet again. Rest easy my sweet cat, I know you loved us so very much and I know one day we will meet again. We will never forget you and will always love you. Rest In Peace sweet angel ❤️🐈🐾

Sophia 05-10-2013 – 11-11-22

Sophia your life was full of giving joy and we enjoyed having you . Thank you for all your years of love.

Kodi (Cutie) February 2012 ~ November 1, 2022

Kodi you were the best boy and we miss you so much! You were one of a kind and did not realize how LUCKY we were to have you in our lives. Will miss your snuggles, wiggle butt, bunny feet, curiosity, zoomies and soft kisses forever.

Penelope 1/2006-10/25/2022

My beautiful Penelope!!! My furry daughter, companion, Earth Angel and soul mate!!! I will forever love and miss you!!! There are way to many things to list as you are beyond special to me. Life will never ever be the same without you here!! I will cherish our time together as it would never be quite enough for me my precious girl!!! May your beautiful souls fly high and with all hope that we can be together again one day💜

Bert , June 24, 2017-October 27, 2022

Our handsome pug. 5 wonderful years.

We Miss You,
Mel, John and Ernie

Simba 3/08-10/24

My beautiful boy Simba, I love you so much ♥️ I am so honored you picked me to be your mommy that day in the shelter. You have been the brightest light in my life and my daily purpose. My best friend, side by side through everything. You had the silliest personality but you always protected me. You made everyone laugh but knew when times were serious and just required your cuddles. You always sensed sadness. You would come over and do a double nestle underneath my arm and look at me like everything was going to be okay. Your cute tendencies always took my worries away. You always barked at the vacuum like it was going to eat your food 😂 You loved sunning on the patio and being right next to me. You always insisted on hanging out of the sunroof with jowels and drool flying in the wind. You always ran so hard to catch the waves when they crashed and just wanted to bite them mid air. My sweet “Swimba,” you truly earned that name. I always loved watching you come fresh out of the ocean and roll around in the sand like it was heaven. We had so many “firsts” together. I’m reminiscing all of the things we did together.. dog parks, car rides, holidays, dress up time, baths that you learned to like, trips to the store, playing ball, traveling wherever they allow fur babies and going to your most favorite spot ever.. the dog beach ♥️ You will always be my exotic baby lion, my angel baby, my simmy ♥️🐕 May God wrap his arms around you and keep you warm and at peace, until we can be together again. You are the most special boy in the world and you are forever loved and cherished everyday in our hearts ♥️
Love always,
Your Mommy that loves you to the moon and back ♥️🐕

Salem C, 03/2018 – 10/24/2022 🖤

Salem, my goodest boy. I hope you know how much we love you & are currently missing you. Our hearts ache that you are no longer with us. I can only hope that we gave you the best spoiled life while you were with us. Coming home to not hear your meows will no longer be the same. You got taken from us way too soon. We will never be able to find a cat like you. You were truly one of a kind. Can’t wait until we meet again someday ❤️

Forever missing you chunky boy, you’ll never be forgotten! ❤️

Harvey, 04/20/2009-10/21/2022

Harvey you spent so many years with us and were a good boy from beginning to end. You came to us wagging your tail and loving us unconditionally and you left us, you looking into my eyes and mine into yours, tail wagging till you drifted peacefully to sleep. I will miss you my chestnut boy Harvs ❤️❤️ Love, your fur mama always and forever.

Sadie Hulahan DOB Unknown – October 15, 2022

You have done more than love us, people don’t deserve dogs like you. You touched us with all your heart and soul… You will never be far from us, thank you sweet girl.
Your Family

Foto 7/11/2008 – 9/25/2022

Foto, I can only hope you know how much I love you and how much I am missing you now. To me, you are the best poochie in the whole wide world. You’re my little buddy. And I want to give you a hundred kisses a day again, as it seemed like I did every day. The house feels so empty without you. Your not being here is so unreal. But I will never, ever forget you. And I will always love you, my sweet baby. Thank you for all the joy you gave me. You be a good boy! XOXO

Abby Risco

Abby was born on September 1st 2016. She was loved by her daddy, sister and most especially her Mama. She became mom pet support during some hard times the family had to go through. Abby was such a good girl. The house is not the same without you anymore. We will miss her so so much.

Charlie Brown, 2/16/06 – 9/20/22

You left such a mark on our hearts, my sweet boy. Mom and dad’s lives are so full of joy and love you gave us all our times together, and we will never forget that. We miss you every single day and yearn for your loving kisses and hungry yaps. You saved each of us from our worst and darkest moments, teaching us to persevere and have faith. We are better because of you. You will always be remembered, and we will always love you Charlie bear ♡.

FeeFee 6/23/09 – 10/06/22

Our heart aches you no longer greet me as I walk to the door. You’re not there to make me smile to make me laugh anymore. Life seems so quiet without you. I still listen for you. I miss you every day you were such a great companion. You are no longer by my side but forever in my heart

Teddy, 9/2011 – 9/24/2022

My sweet baby dog, Mommy misses you so much. Losing you is the hardest, most unexpected thing I have ever had to endure. You were my best friend, my shadow, and protector. I will miss you greeting me at the door, hearing you snore at night time and all our adventures and cuddles. I am so glad you chose me as your mom at the shelter and I was able to give you a good, happy life. Run pain free my perfect boy! Until we meet again


Our sweet angel Molly was one of a kind. She was playful, funny, loving , sassy, and a smart cookie. She was loving to her family and made for a special companion. We will miss our stinky girl. Fly with the angels over the rainbow bridge my sweet girl. Until we meet again.

Sheeba 08/10/11 – 09/30/22

my best friend. losing you hurt a thousand times more than i ever imagined it would. you were the most important part of my life & i’m not sure how to live it without you. i am so honored to have been your mom for 11 years. you gave me so much love, purpose & comfort.. i can only hope you felt all the love i had for you too. my bed feels so empty without you. miss you so much sweet girl.

Zona 4/21/2010 – 9/19/2022

I miss you so much baby girl…the house is not the same without you I miss your meows for treats your strut to the food bowl and especially you laying on me while u slept… my heart is broken a part of me died with you that day. Till we meet again have fun at the Rainbow Bridge I will look for you someday! I love and miss you my sweet sweet baby girl

Zulu, 10/2016-09-27-22

Zulu, we miss you more than we could have ever imagined. Even with all your flaws you were the best dog and so sweet to our little guy. You taught him, and Dad how to treat a dog and how strong a bond someone could have with a dog. You’re gone way too soon and unexpected- I wish we could have seen you turn all gray and become an old girl. We will never forget you, girlfriend ❤️.

Momo -10/4/2008-09/27/2022

Momo we miss and love you so much! We needed you more than you needed us. The only comfort is you’re no longer suffering. Thankful for the love, happiness, loyalty and everything good that you brought into our lives! You’re everyone’s first baby and May you Rest In Peace. You are loved and missed forever.