Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my pet dies at home?

First, let us start by extending our deepest condolences, we are truly sorry for your loss.  If your pet has passed away at home please do not hesitate to contact us. Our pet bereavement counselors will help walk you through the next steps based on your wishes and give you options with how to proceed. 

Until decisions and preparations can be made, place your pet in the coldest part of your home. Put plastic down and then newspaper or a blanket to place your pet on. Cover with another towel or blanket.

What if my pet dies while at the Veterinarian?

It is always your choice who handles the final disposition of your pet. If your vet uses our services, they will organize the arrangements for us to pick up your pet to perform the cremation and memorial services you have chosen. If your vet does not use our services, you can inform your vet that you will be using our facility’s services and contact us to finalize those arrangements.

Can I take my pet’s body home?

Yes, your pet belongs to you. You have the right to take your pet home with you.

What options are available to me at time of loss of my pet?

At Pet Meadow cremation services are offered either as private or a communal cremation (no individual/segregated cremation). 

At our Hamilton office we have a deeded pet cemetery where interment of your pets body or cremains can be arranged.

Home Burial varies depending upon the regulations in your area.

What is cremation?

Cremation is the process of reducing matter by exposing it to intense heat.  The body is reduced to skeletal remains or cremains. The cremains are then processed in a machine which breaks down the remains further. They are placed in a sealed stronghold cremation bag, and then into an urn.

Is a casket required for cremation?


Is embalming necessary when cremating? 

No, embalming is the process that preserves the body and is not necessary for cremation. We do not embalm pets.

What is an urn?

An urn is a receptacle especially made to hold the cremated remains.  Urns are made in many styles and materials.

Can I see my pet prior to cremation?

Yes, we would be happy to schedule a witness cremation or a viewing for you.  During these services you will be able to spend time with your pet and see them again before cremation takes place. We encourage you to bring family, friends, and pet siblings as well.

Can I have a nose print or paw print done before cremation?

Absolutely, at Pet Meadow we offer a wide variety of keepsakes including ink nose or paw prints, clay paw prints, or framed nose or paw prints. As these keepsakes are time sensitive, please be sure to contact us right away for these memorialization options.

If my pet had a special toy, can it be cremated with their body?

Yes. We can place special mementos with your pet while they are being cremated. A toy, collar, blanket, or special note can be cremated along with your pet upon request.

My pet had surgery and has surgical implants, can those be returned to me?

Yes. In most cases we are able to save and return surgical implants such as screws and plates upon request.

How can I be sure that the remains I receive belong to my pet?

At Pet Meadow we are able to ensure the integrity of every cremation by using state of the art facilities and equipment, as well as a highly innovative tracking system. We use a multi-chamber pet crematory, where every pet that is privately cremated is cremated completely by themselves in their own private chamber.

What does being an accredited facility mean?

Our Facility has been evaluated against over 240 different standards set by the industry leading International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories.  We have been evaluated on things like chain of custody, cleanliness, types of cremation, and more. We adhere to a strict code of ethics.

What is True Private cremation as opposed to “Individual” or “Segregated” cremation?

By definition an individual cremation can be achieved by placing multiple pets in a single chamber, separating them by trays, bricks, or space, and documenting their location in the chamber.  The pets are cremated at the same time and removed one at a time and kept separated.  Each pets individual cremated remains are returned to the client.

Pet Meadow does not perform individual/segregated cremation, only True Private cremation.  With our state of the art pet crematorium, each pet has their own private chamber and is cremated by themselves in a single chamber.  The cremains are then removed from the crematory and the PRIVATELY cremated pet is returned to the client.  We perform Private cremation in order to ensure that our clients receive their pet and only their pet’s ashes back. We do not offer Individual or Segregated cremation, only True Private Cremation.

If you would like to read more about the difference between Private and Individual cremation, and would like to see a photo of our crematory, follow this link:

Do I need to purchase an urn?

We will return your pet’s remains in our standard wooden memorial chest. If you prefer, a permanent personalized urn can be selected from our website. Alternatively, you can select one by visiting the urn display at our facility. 

My pet is older, can I set up pre-need planning?

Yes. We are able to set up pre-need plans for the after-life care of your pet. Contact our office to discuss pre-need options.

If my pet has already been cremated can I still purchase an urn or different memorial item?

Yes. We have a variety of personalized items that can still be obtained even after cremation has taken place.

Is it legal to scatter cremains?

Most areas have no restrictions on this, but we advise you to contact your local authorities to confirm before scattering.

Is it normal to grieve over the loss of a pet?

It is just as normal to grieve over the loss of a pet, as it is to grieve over the loss of a human. Saying your final good-byes and planning your pets after-life care is an important part of accepting the loss.

How long is a normal grieving period?

There is no normal set time for grief.  Different people react in different ways. Don’t be ashamed or try to hide your grief. The longer grief is denied, the longer you may grieve.

Are there pet grief counseling groups available?

We have information on grief counseling on our Pet Loss Resources page and additional reading material on our “Books” page.

If you have any other questions, or do not see the answer to your FAQs in above, please do not hesitate to Contact Us