Honored Pet Memorial Wall

Honored Pet Memorial Wall

In Loving Memory…

Remembrance is important. The memorials on this wall will never be taken down, creating an everlasting tribute to your loved one. The pets honored below have touched the lives of families and will be forever missed.



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Reggie March 3, 2006 – Sept. 9 2016

Our best pup ever! You will be missed and will forever be in our hearts. We will cherish the time we had as well as your spirit, your energy and your love. There will never be another Reggie boy.

Harley, 9/20/2004- 9/3/2016

My handsome old man Harley. Both me and GoGo miss you so much. I wish I could hug you and smell your fur one more time. You were the best snugglier and I miss that. You were taken too soon in my eyes even though you were battling cancer. I hope you are happy and healthy at Rainbow Bridge. Please look down upon us and guide us through this tough journey. I will always love you and miss you. RIP Harley Bear.

Fiona 9/1/16

My big, bold, goofy, and brave girl..you just left us, and we miss you so much. Thank you for being our protector, thank you for reminding us to play every day, thank you for showing is that love can be unconditional, and thank you for your devotion. Of the end, all that we need to remember is that we were together, and we loved each other.

MEZZIMO 06/17/2002 01/21/2012



Pepper Potts Moya, 05/25/2014-08/09/2016

Hi Baby, I hope you’re running around in heaven with Timmy <3 and Abuela Mama Kenna. I hope they were able to greet you even though they never met you. Baby, I am SO sorry if you ever for once thought I/we NEVER loved you. You were the best thing that has ever happened in our lives, those were the best 2 years of our lives, your brothers Bebo and Enrique miss you so much and even Daddy is so sad without you. You were 1/4 of our hearts baby, you were the BEST puppy ever, you were our Princess. I miss your long hair baby, I miss your eyes (I keep closing my eyes and that is all I see when I think of you, those beautiful eyes), but what I miss the most other than the CRAZY loyalty and love you had for us is your pretty smile My Pretty Girl. I will, WE will NEVER ever forget you baby, no matter what you will ALWAYS remain in our hearts…..FOREVER.

Love you FOREVER,
Daddy, mommy, Bebo, & Enrique <3
P.S. Please make sure you are there to greet me one day so we can walk over that rainbow bridge together hunny. <3

Zoe, 12/4/2002 – 8/9/2016

You were my Mothers Day gift 13 years ago. I was told you were the gift that kept on giving and that’s true. You gave your family your love, companionship and loyalty. Wherever dog heaven is, you are there now. I hope that there’s ample space to chase your tail, an endless supply of toilet paper to eat off the roll, and a pool with a nice shallow end to get a drink. And someday my friend, I will see you again. Rest easy my sweet Zoe…

Maxxwel Lohr 06/12/2006-07/18/2016

Maxxwel is without a doubt one of the smartest Golden Retrievers I know. He always knew when someone one was upset or sick. A few years ago, my uncle was suffering from seizures Maxxwel would never leave his side and would alert us whenever ‘Tio’ was seizing. After a horrible seizure my uncle never made it back home. Maxxwel always stayed by me when I was going through a tough time as well. After months of losing weight and not being able to eat due to a lot of stomach pain, I was diganosed with Crohn’s disease. I was always home because I didn’t feel good but whenever i went to the bathroom or anywhere i went, Maxxwel was by my side with his paw in my hand. Maxxwel was the glue for my mom to hold her together during those two tough times and in addition of going through a bad diviorce. Not only was he so smart, he always had this look as if he was smiling. He acted like a puppy and loved to be a lap dog. however the one thing Maxxwel did not like was cats! Overall these past ten years were crazy losing a best friend in nineth grade, an uncle the next year, my own diganoses, then a diviorce, and other things. I can honestly say I am so blessed and thankful for spending them with him, but even with all of that happening nothing prepared me for this. I know he may be just a dog, but he really was not. He was my best friend. I just wish i knew something was going on yesterday to prevent this, it was so quickly and unexpectedly. I knew you were acting distant towards me but I still didnt think I was going to find you laying down by your toys peacefully and not responding. I am so happy yesterday when you were taking a nap, i woke you up said i loved you and that you were the best dog ever. Im so happy you gave me one of your infamous sloppy kisses because I was the only one who really got to say goodbye to you. Thank you for everything you did for us Maxxwel, we all love you so much.

Sperry Francis 03/06 – 6/16

My little girl my daughter my Spare.
You had to leave me at a time when all I really had was you. I curse the day you were taken from me and I damn the powers that may be as there will never be an answer.
I miss your hugs and kisses, I miss playin snic, I miss laying with you and just so content and you were as well. Always happy to be near me, always near me or in the same room. Now you are free and at peace and I know you big little angel, looking down and waiting for me to run and play with you and of course, snic.
Sperry you were such a proud, determined, beautiful intelligent border collie. You were hurting so much but you know I would do anything give anything to have 10 more min with you. I was hoping to have more time with you I missed you and I know you always did too when I wasn’t around.
Your job of holdin it down and keepin Baby Jack and your sisters ass in line are done. Go on upstairs and have some fun.
Until we hug again Spare….

Kaila 12/14/06 – 7/5/16

Kaila you were so sweet and loyal! You were the best guard dog. You will forever be in our hearts and your spirit will live on forever. We are comforted to know that you are in heaven running, jumping, and eating all of your favorite foods again! I love you! Xoxo Mom
Kaila…you were like a sister to me, and were always their for me and everyone else when we needed you. You licked away our tears and instantly made happiness and love spread throughout everyone. You were the best dog a girl and family can ask for and I wouldn’t trade you in for the world. We know you’re in a better place now and I hope you’re enjoying yourself in heaven. I love you so much. -xoxo Tess
Kaila, just thank you for this 10 year journey. You’ve been with me through everything since I was 7 years old. I know you’re up there finally in peace and comfort again playing around with the little angel boys and girls. Love always.
Always in my heart!!! The first and last…Will see each other again and play your favorite games until we get tired!!! LOVE ALWAYS
DAD xoxoxoxo

Shadow 11/18/2003 – 06/11/2016

Shadow…True Friend…Constant Companion…Forever Missed. Living with you was a blessing, and a challenge. We had a wonderful life together, and you have left our home with many warm memories, smiles, and, in the end, tears. The silence is the hardest part. You could always tell us when you were hungry, bored, or hurting. You guarded us, entertained us, gave us love, made us laugh. Everyone who knew you, loved you, and you loved them. Holly misses you very much. If a dog can be depressed, she certainly is. She is lost without your companionship, and we are, too. Feeding time is very quiet, now. We miss having your help with meals. We will love you forever….but, we will see you again.


My beautiful baby lovebird .she died this morning June 16, 2016 from terrible seizure .took her home from hospital yesterday….she was suffering bad from seizures no medicine in 3 weeks help..She was my heaven on earth.I named her Baby because that’s what she was my Baby..I had her fron 21/2 to 9 years old…from a breeder in memphis..she was a beautiful teal color..that was what I wanted…She was so loving to me….I am heartbroken

Elvis 2/7/05, 6/9/16

My Elvis Man you have been here for me since the start of our family. Before my own children I have had you. You gave so much love to us and the memories we have are ever lasting. I still can no believe you are no longer with us. I miss you so much. For 11 years you were always by my side a bond I could never have again. We love you so very much there are no words that describe what you meant to me and our little family. my angel my Elvis man no more pain run free my love soon you will be home forever with us. I love you Elvis stinky kisses to heaven xoxo

Trotter Thomas 8/23/04 5/30/16

Trotter you are loved more than you will ever know. You are so very special and will be missed until the end of time. A piece of my heart went with you and I know that we will be together again. You are the best granddog that a grandmother could ever want. I have missed you every minute since you went home. Until I can hold you again, know that you are loved!!! Gram

Trotter Thomas 8/23/04-5/30/16

You were taken within 12 hrs, one minute we were enjoying your favorite place healthy as can be, the next minute we were told you had cancer, and you were going to die. The unspeakable heartbreak all us feel is overwhelming. Life will never be the same, you are an amazing friend, companion, and daddy’s best friend- our only comfort is knowing you are with your brother. We know how heartbroken you were after he died a yr ago but your sister misses you terrible. Trotter Thomas you are missed by everyone who knew you, but by us a piece of our heart will be forever missing- see you on the other side my baby, Love Mommy- Daddy-Anny-cousin Joey, Grammom, Alyssa and all your Friends & Family

Cooper, 2/2005 – 5/27/2016

Cooper has been part of our family since the beginning of this family. Me my wife and kids do not know life without him. We will miss him dearly. He was so good to us. Such a good boy. He was a special dog. Our hearts our broken and life will not be the same with him gone. Love ya Coop!

Uther Williams 10/31/2012-05/17-2016

Uther was a big hearted, loving, caring dog. He was playful, fun and loved kids. Our hearts are broken our home is empty. He is deeply missed.
We love you Uther!!!!!!!! Forever in our hearts.

Zuff 01/01/2000 to 05/17/2016

RIP my sweet boy! You were so special and one of a kind. Your back home with us now where you belong. We love you more than words can describe and miss you so much. Hope the cats are not giving you a hard time. Squeak your ball for us when you play so we can hear it. Love you Zuff! The Schott Family

Yam 10/29/1999 to 3/2/16

It’s been 2 months and we still miss you so much. You are always in my heart!

Bella, November 24, 2005 – April 12, 2016

Bella, we miss you more than words can ever express. Our home will never be the same without you. We are truly heartbroken, but will look forward to meeting you one day at the Rainbow bridge… our forever sweet and loyal friend.
Dave & Lori