Honored Pet Memorial Wall

Honored Pet Memorial Wall

In Loving Memory…

Remembrance is important. The memorials on this wall will never be taken down, creating an everlasting tribute to your loved one. The pets honored below have touched the lives of families and will be forever missed.



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Mezzimo, 06/17/2002, 01/19/2012


Jeffery 01-24-2006 11-15-2015

Jeffery was a very important cat to me. He’s been my favorite. He made me so happy. He is someone who will always be in my heart forever. I’m going to miss my sweetheart.

Mylo 9/29/02 – 9/15/14

One year ago today you left my life and I have never been the same without you. I struggle through each day trying to smile but knowing in my heart you will not be there when I get home. I miss sleeping next to you at night and feeling your breath on my face as you fall asleep and waking up with you in the morning and seeing your beautiful eyes. You will always be my precious baby boy and I will go through my life missing you each day but knowing one day we will be together for eternity. I picture in my mind walking with you in heaven with green grass, beautiful trees and high mountains around us. I think of that every day and it keeps me going. You are my little boy and you have my heart forever. I know you see everything that is going on with me and I know you are watching over me and helping me through each day. I know that you are in heaven and you are happy but I wish that you were here with me. I feel so lost without you and somtimes I don’t even know who I am because you are not here with me. Thank you Mylo for loving me and coming into my life. I believe that we were meant to be together to share our lives. You were born to be my baby boy and I thank God every day. I will continue my journey in this life waiting to see you again. You are my forever love………………

Anya May 15, 2009 – September 1, 2015

Anya, you were my daily sunshine. You were always there to comfort me and I miss you more than words can tell. You were the sweetest creature that ever walked the face of this earth; your “oinks”, slobbers and smooches will be forever missed. I love you my sweet princess and hope to once again play with you in patches of wintergreen and splash with you in the muddiest puddles we can find! …Until then….you are alive in my heart and will live inside me forever.

Mitty Spears

Mitty, your are a great little gir. In heaven you will be able to eat ad much food as you want and get fat again. Mowie misses you, nut he knows that you are safe in your new home; in heaven. We love you and miss you. I am so sorry that we keot you in torture for so long. You are at pesce now, I am sam that you arent here, but happy that you are able to rest.

Cookie, July 29, 2014 – August 4, 2015

My Cookie Elizabeth, my Angel. Sometimes I would think of how sweet it would be for us to grow old together. I thought that one day I’d have to help you up onto my bed at night. I would have done anything to make you happy. Forever by my side you were and, forever in my heart you will stay. Even though your time here was short the impact you had on my life was profound. I wish that my love alone could have saved you because you would have lived forever. Until we meet again my sweet girl. Love, Mommy

Topaz December 24,2000 May 13, 2015

My little baby boy. You were my shadow, my best friend, and my confidante. I tried to do the best I knew how when you were sick, but I often think that I put you through too much. I set up a room for just you in our living room because you couldn’t walk, only to find you on my side of the bed when I woke up that morning. I should have slept with you on the couch, but I thought you wanted to be alone. How dumb! And I never thought to put you out on the deck so you could enjoy fresh air on you last day on earth. I miss your big swaying tail, your warmth, your happy greeting when I walked into a room or came back from wherever I had been. You didn’t walk my love, you sashayed. I miss you being in the way when I was at the stove or the sink. I loved you more than anything on earth. You can never be replaced beautiful little guy. To Sir With Love. I cry for you every day.



Heihachi, 7/5/2010-7/10/2015

Our sweet adapted son, Hachi.
You were such a sweet and funny boy.
You gave us a lots of happiness. I thought we’ll be together when you get old… I wanted to see when you get old.
Thank you so much for making us happy.
Thank you so much for being nice to all of kids.
You were the nicest boy ever.
Your daddy, mommy and your sister Hana miss you so much, Hachi.
You are always in our heart.

Michael, Eri, Mason, and Hana

Mylo 9/29/02 – 9/15/14

You are my forever love, my life, my breath, my soul, my world, my everything. I miss you every minute, every hour, and every day and night. Nothing is the same without you. The world is a less kinder place since you left and it’s been a struggle to try and smile without you. The only thing that gets me through each day is the thought of seeing you again and being with you for eternity. Wait for me at the rainbow bridge…………………..I love you my precious angel boy.

Selena Kelchner 3/8/2003- 7/13/2015

I love you my sweet selena girl. I hope you were happy with the life I gave you. Please always continue to stay by my side. God I miss you so much!


Happy Birthday Mezzimo


Ever since you were a puppy, you’ve always held a special place in my heart as my first pet dog..you were with us everyday for 10 years and made us smile every single day. Losing you last week was devastating but I know that your time was limited..and now that you’re at peace I know you are happy..knowing that you lived as long as you did, with the odds against your age, is something that I will always remember in my last moments with you..it was then that the vet turned to me and said “you had a 10 year old German Shepard…you definitely did something right..” I love you Cheyenne..I always will. Until we meet again, be a good girl…


Rocky, I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed seeing you and mom when you came in to visit and pick up your cookies. You were always so excited to see me and I was just as excited to see you. You were and still are a beautiful, gentle soul and I will never forget you. I was honored that I could be with you and comfort you in your last hour. You have a wonderful family and they all love you very much. I will miss you dearly and miss your visits. I know that you are in heaven with Mylo your new friend and he will show you all the fun things to do. Run, be free, be happy and fly with the angels Rocky. I love you sweet boy and I will miss you always. P.S. Mylo take care of Rocky!
Margaret Wheeler


Hi Maxie Baby, it’s Mama and it’s been 2 weeks now that we have to let you rest. It’s really hard for me to write this as I am not ready for you to go but I have to and I hope you understand that I was trying to make you feel better. Now, I have no one and I am trying to live one day at a time/ Losing is the hardest than losing Buki. Max I hope you already found Buki if not find him and be free. Mama will see both of you someday. I love you MAX and will never ever forget the love you give me. Please visit me. I want to see you happy and at peace. You and Buki are together in one place now. I am hopping you guys are learning to live without mommy as I am worried that I am not there to watch ever move you make. I Love you MAX forever and ever. KIss for Mama and Papa. Hamilton thank you for taking care of Max and Buki last year. Buki and Max remember Mommy always until we meet again. Hugs and Kisses always to both of you.
Patricia & Allan

Ariel, 4/6/2001-11/22/14

My baby girl, Ariel, I love and miss you so very much. I fought so hard not to let you go but realized each day was getting harder for you. You will forever be in my heart. Love forever, Mommy


Thinking of you today my baby boy Mylo on your anniversary in heaven. I cannot believe it’s been three months without you. Nothing is the same since you left me on September 15th and nothing will ever be the same again. The only thing I can do now is hold on to the thought of seeing you one day. I will miss you forever and a day. I love you my precious boy. Keep up the good work in heaven.