Berkley, March 19, 2009-August 4, 2021

In early September 2009, in the midst of moving into our new home and starting our next chapter together, we received a call from the Animal Adoption Center in Lindenwold NJ that would forever change our lives. After spending months visiting the rescue, walking and meeting different dogs, a member of the staff called us to tell us they had found “our dog.” It’s still not clear who rescued who.

Berkley was instantly part of our family and we loved it! From the very first of our many walks, people came out of their homes, crossed the street, and stopped their cars to see her, meet her and pet her. Berkley was a magnetic light to all she met.

She was SO excited to greet us whenever we came in the door, even if we just went out to get the mail. She was the best fan club you could imagine. Family and friends, neighbors, coworkers, and even strangers marveled at her beauty and personality. She knew it and loved getting all the pets and loves. She was the smartest dog you could ever come across and was able to understand anything you said. Later in her life, we turned to spelling things to try and communicate without her understanding…but that still did not work.

Car rides to her grandparents’ houses at the shore were some of her favorite times. New foods, smells and time with family always made her smile. Fishing on the boat, going for walks on the beach, snuggling under a blanket, laying on her landing, and running laps in the snow are just a few of the many great memories we share. Ice cream was one of her favorite things…especially vanilla peanut butter.

Words cannot express the profound impact Berkley had on our life. On many lives to be honest. From the first second of our 4347 days together we were in love. Berkley is imprinted on our souls forever. We will keep her alive through sweet memories, and she’ll forever be in our hearts, thoughts, and dreams. While we are immensely sad and grieving our baby, we know that she is in a better place. We will always cherish the times we had together and anxiously wait to see our precious pup again. She was the best dog you could ever meet and will be missed by so many. Thank you for all of the fun, entertainment, friendship, companionship, and pure joy you brought to us, Berkley. We love you, prettiest girl and we hope that you are at peace enjoying walks, food, and pets from everyone who was there to greet you. We are eternally grateful for the gift of you and our many memories together. You were a true blessing. Until we meet again…All of our love always and forever…