Cody (April 4, 2011 – May 7, 2021)

Cody is full of life and he provides so much energy to our family. Oh you will hear from him when you’re home late since he’s always expected to go along when we’re out. Despite his bossiness, he will be so excited to see you back whether you’re home from work or was just out for a couple of minutes from the store. Cody was our baby since we adopted him from a rescue when he was still a puppy. He lived a great life so loved and cared for by his dad, mom, hoomman brother and older pup brother Snickers. We will miss him so bad and our home will never be the same without him. The memories he left we will always cherish and the love he gave us back will always be felt. We love you our beautiful baby Cody and you will always be in our hearts forever.