Honored Pet Memorial Wall

Honored Pet Memorial Wall

In Loving Memory…

Remembrance is important. The memorials on this wall will never be taken down, creating an everlasting tribute to your loved one. The pets honored below have touched the lives of families and will be forever missed.



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Rok I’ll never forget the day we first met. Exactly 12 years ago last month, John and I decided to go to PetSmart with the intentions of adopting a pet for Sam and Evan. I had no idea what I was looking for but went there with an open mind. When we got there I was wandering around, checking out all the dogs but John seemed to be focused on one in particular—a Rotty mix whom everyone had nicknamed Romeo because he was so loving. He would lay on his back and just wallow in everyone rubbing his belly, loving the attention he was getting from everyone. John finally convinced me to have a look at him and soon afterwards he stole my heart as well and we eventually walked out the door with him. If someone didn’t adopt him that day he was going to be sent to the pound and would probably have been put to sleep. We were not having that! We were going to give him a chance at a good life! And so begins the story of our “bubby” Rok! That night when we brought him home we awaited the arrival of Sam and Evan. As we were waiting, Rok made himself right at home—–by marking his territory in our den and in Sam’s room! That was the only time he ever relieved himself in the house! Except whenever anyone came over and he greeted them at the door with such excitement that he would pee right at their feet!! When the kids got home that night they were a little leery because Rok was a big dog. Evan actually jumped on the kitchen counter when Rok approached him! But it didn’t take them long to fall under his spell and fall madly in love with him! He was so much fun to have around! Such unconditional love from him! Although he would eventually grow to 90 some pounds I always said he thought he was a small dog because if he could he would get up on our laps! He was constantly snuggling his nose in our laps or nudging us to pet him, which we did willingly, most of the time. We made so many wonderful memories over the next 12 years and had I realized how quickly those years would go by I would have tried to make more! Although he had so many medical issues, Addison’s Disease, two surgeries, shots every month, pills every day, he was a strong old bird and fought through everything that was sent his way. But I think he has grown weary of the fight and this last battle was too much for him to wage. As I sit here typing with tears in my eyes thinking of him laying in the hospital away from his home and family, I can’t imagine this home without him. The jingle of his collar as he would wander around the house, his faithful alarm clock on the weekends, waking us at the crack of dawn to put him out and feed him, the faithful buddy who would greet us at the door every day, without fail, when we would arrive home—-how do you get over that loss? How does your house become a home again when someone who filled it with so much love and happiness is gone? I look out the kitchen window and expect to see him walking around the yard. I hear the floor creak and expect him to come traipsing in to the room. I know it won’t be easy but I am trying to take consolation in the fact that maybe we took such good care of him over the last 12 years and that is why he survived all that he did. And that he, just by being the buddy that he was, was able to provide us with such unconditional love and joy! I’ve been hoping that we would get to keep him a little while longer but I think he has fought the fight long enough to stay with us and make us happy. He has fulfilled that promise a thousand fold and it is time for him to rest now. He was truly man’s best friend, truly our best friend! It is so hard to let him go but if it means he’ll be at peace then so be it. He gave us 12 wonderful years of love and memories that we will never forget. We love you Rok! You have been the best friend a family could ever have!! We miss you so much! Monica Mitchell


To Mezzimo I hope you are in heaven having a good time. I will always love you. You are my best friend. May god be with you always. I told the priests about you, I am sure they gave you a blessing.
Elizabeth Williams


My Dearest and first dog Rudi- Radojka….1999- 12-27-2011 You came to me for a reason, as soon after your arrival you nearly died as an 8 week pup….your chart thickened throughout the years but we always prevailed— surgery after surgery and illness after illness. You brought so much to my life …and to my daughter….we adored you….you were feisty, loving, tough, and such a big part of our family and a part of every milestone… You are dearly missed everyday….I think of you and I know that often you are in the arms of St. Francis as I have prayed so much for you and you adored being held…I see you running among other animals in a green field, chasing butter flies with 4 legs – not 3 ….I hear you and see you run to the gate when you hear my voice and I see that there are many animals trying to paw through a big gate as they hear their owners cries or thoughts …I see you often turn in the middle of a grassy field and just gaze…but you are in a much better place and without a sick body ….you are whole again in spirit and I look forward to the day that you and I can see each other again…. I love you and pray for you every day.
Anita Gearty


To Mezzimo I always love you. You are my best friend.
Elizabeth Williams

Gizmo, 6/13/2003 – 2/11/2012

My sweet little Gizmo. I miss you so much. Words will never explain how much I miss and love you. I miss you jumping on the sofa and watching TV. I miss cuddling with you on the bed. You were such an incredible friend a sweet little soul with such a big heart. I would give anything to have you lick my face one more time. You made me better person. Many people say I was a great mom to you but it was only because I had the greatest little boy.
Johana Ortiz


Shadow, you were a joy to have. I was so proud to say to everyone that I had a cat in my apartment. That I had you. I was so proud of you as my apartment kitty. 🙂 You are no longer with me, but I am grateful for the time I did have you. It’s too bad you had to go so soon. 9 years was not enough…A lifetime with you would not have been enough to completely enjoy you. You were a soft, loveable, affectionate, playful, sweet, and enjoyable cat. You knew my soul. I miss you terribly… but life would not have been the same without you in it! Thank you God for the time I spent with my beautiful adorable Shadow.
Patty Bustamante


My dearest sweet Schnookie, yesterday was our last day together. How I miss you so. Words can’t describe how much I loved and cherished you. Where you used to lay is an empty space now. But our hearts will always be intertwined as they have been for the past 18 years. I still feel your soft fur and your sweet little face in my hands. I loved how you rolled over so I could rub your belly. I miss wrapping my arms around you and sleeping with you in my bed. You were my best friend. You were so brave as you laid your head on my shoulder and crossed over to see God. I’ll be there one day with you, sweet mommy girl.
Kathy Myers


For my sweet Pepper, 2/9/12 I miss you so much my sweet boy. My heart is a mess since you’ve been gone. I thought you had more time and I’m so sorry you had to go. You come back home tomorrow and while it’s not the same, you will be back here with your family. I will never forget you. We all miss you so much. I feel like I didn’t say goodbye and that will always bother me. Tomorrow is going to be a hard day for me. We love you baby Pepper. Forever in my heart Love Christina, Gary, Rambo and Oliver RIP Pepper Love (2/19/2002-2/06/2012


To our sweet Yorkie, Macy! We all miss you so mucyh.. especially me. You were so very brave last night at the animal hospital. I’m so happy that i got a chance to hold you one last time. I know you are in no more pain now. But the pain in my heart will not go away. I’ll miss and love you always. xoxo Lisa
Lisa Cassesa

In memory of Simba, (Apr95-Jan12)

We originally adopted you as a kitten to help with a mouse problem in our apartment, and within a week of your arrival all the little critters we never and we never saw another one. You were the most awesome, amazing and sweetest cat we’ll ever know. I will never forget how, as a kitten, you would hide under the bed and then swat your little paw whenever we walked by. Or how well you adapted to living in the suburbs after having been a city cat. You ruled the block and loved to chase the birds, definitely living up to your name as “king of the jungle”. Throughout your 17 years with us you learned to co-exit peacefully and lovingly with Luna (the rowdy Rottie), Gabriella (your favorite human, even after she yanked your tail), Liam (your second favorite human, who you’d watch tv with), Lola (the tiny white fluff of fur who barked at you) and Abuela, who gave you treats. We are so sorry that the last few years of your life were difficult for you, not being able to roam free outside and dealing with your illness. But now you are free to run in God’s backyard along with Luna. We will always love and remember you, and are eternally grateful to have been your human family.
Bernarda (aka mom)


Eddie, your 13th birthday passed last sunday. we thought about you a lot and we miss you more than ever. you will always be the little puppy that pulled my hair and tried to eat my pizza. aaron asks about you likes to hear stories of things you did. he wants to bring golf balls for you when we come to see you again. love you little puppy.

Mugsie Hayes, 01/12/04-01/14/12

You were the purest form of unconditional love I’ve ever seen. Mommy, Michael, Emily, Christopher and I all miss you immensely. You were so brave. We’re so sorry you didn’t feel well. I believe you’re in heaven, and you’re always happy now. We believe you can see us, so you know how much we hurt. God bless you Mugsie, we love you.
Charles Hayes


Dear Ilona: You left this world on 12.17, but you’re still with me. I have videos of you enjoying that jingle-bell ball and hopping around from excitement. They make me happier and I am glad I was able to give you one final bath yesterday. Also, the pictures of you with your husband Vlad are precious. Remember how Vlad (the Impaler) got his name? When I first got him, he bit my ear and drew a bit of blood! You were named from, as far as I could determine, one of the human Vlad’s wives. I hope you’re reunited with Vlad and also get to know Stapler, my first ferret that you’ve never met. You’ll have a blast with him…I had a blast with you. Alone here without you this holiday time, it’s fitting to say that you remain a favourite gift I’ve received. God bless.


BASEL ANDRESS a.k.a Southpaw/ Mr. Fiddles Male, approx. 18 years old, all Grey short haired Hamilton, Ontario October 15, 2011 It is with great sadness our family shares the news of our beloved feline son, Basel. Basel was born into a litter of four to a mother named Beautiful. Soon after birth the mother’s milk became toxic and Basel was the only kitten that survived. Most of his young life was spent with former owner Wanda and Kevin before he came to live with me. Basel celebrated his life as the ultimate garden cat. More a lover than a fighter he was a guardian and protector not many alley cats messed with. In the neighborhood there were few people that didn’t know him as they walked past the house on the corner. Basel knew the trick of how to roll forward on his own when his neck was tickled. What he disliked most was an empty bowl and to be kicked off the bed. Rest assured Basel would always get you back sometime throughout the night, guaranteed. Basel was most famous in our house for the knee cap love nibble or his twinkle toes Freddie run across the floor. Basel had no children of his own but leaves the legacy of being a Dad to Tiger and Lily Bottomley. In 2008 they were rescued newborn and abandoned from a hedge shortly after birth. Basel will be sadly missed by many relations and all who knew and loved him. Love you, 2 much 4ever and 1x More (2.4.1) Rest In Eternal Loving Peace Son x.o. dad and mom, wee and Tiger

Tino (8/?/2010-10/7/2011)

To my “teeny, tiny” Tino, I miss you more then words can express. Last night my heart ached because I wasn’t able to snuggle with you. You brought me such joy and comfort for the short time we had together. I wish it could have been longer, but I know you were so sick and I had to let you go. You will always be in my heart and I will love you always. Rest in Peace my sweet boy. When God decides the time is right we will be together again. XXOO Love your Mommy, Ashley, Tiger, Allie, Teddy Girl, Jo Jo, Gracie, Niles, Abbey, Amber, Bun Bunz and Annie XXOO


My Sweet Baby Girl Goochie, you have brought us so much joy for the past 6 1/2 years and I am so blessed and thankful for the time that we had with you. I miss your sweet personality, your stubborn ways, your beautiful face, your loving spirit and snuggling with you. You were my baby, my best friend, my everything. I miss everything about you. I miss you more and more everyday. I know you’re in heaven free of pain ans sickness, may you always know how much I love you. Everyone who met you fell in love with your beautiful spirit. We will always be together in spirit, and we will be together again one day. May you rest peacefully. You are the best girl ever, and I love you more than you know.
Love, Mommy Goochie Pleyn 9/30/11

Panda Schneider, 10/15/99-9/27/11

My dear sweet Panda, how I ache to hear your bark. To lose you so soon after Shadow, is tearing me apart. You may not me in my arms, but you will always be in my heart. I have no one to share my lunch with, no one to greet me with a frisbee or hedgehog. Your battle was brave and valiant. Please forgive me for not wanting to let you go. Sleep and rest my angel,wait with Shadow at Rainbow Bridge. You were the best girl ever. You filled my life with joy and you were the absolute best friend and companion. Be free at the Bridge and do your ‘Panda dance’. Love always my sweet, Mom, Dad and Scott


To Cuddles: You left us on 9/18/11. My 16 year old baby is missed by all your brothers and sisters. I still wait for you to jump up and curl up with me at night, but I know you won’t be there. I miss you my Cuddle Bug. Cyndi, Ro, CB, Archie, Bandit, Tang, Rosie and Jack do too, but I think your Tasha is taking it the hardest. Momma and daddy will always love you.

Bailey, 4/22/1997 to 9/18/2011

Bailey, you gave us almost 14 and half wonderful years. For a Yellow Lab that is amazing!…But not as amazing as you my lovey boy. The house is the not the same without you, our worlds will never be the same. We are broken hearted. You touched so many lives, that the outpour of sympathy from our friends and family is over whelming! I can’t imagine our lives without you, and I Pray that you are happily playing in Heaven and are waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge.
Marianne and Bruce

Doobie, 1/1/98 – 9/18/11

My sweet Doobie cat, You were the best thing that randomly happened to me. You picked me and I picked you. The sweetest most handsomest kitty in the world. You had the softest and sweetest meow and you were a big fat ball of love. You’ll always be my baby, my son, my best friend, and my side kick. I will never forget you and I will never stop loving you. Mamma loves her Doobie cat. I LOVE YOU DOOBIE!!!!!!!! 1/1/98 – 9/18/11 almost made it to 14.