Molly, June 2008 – August 13, 2021

We don’t know exactly when Molly was born, but she began her new life with us in June 2008 after we were selected to adopt her (then 3.5 years old) from an animal rescue shelter. Molly was as close to perfect as can be–quiet, loving, gentle, caring, and full of life. As passive as she was, she was also very protective of me, especially when I fought through an illness. When she wanted to play, she’d grab her toy and squeak it. When she lost interest in her toys, if she wanted company, she’d grunt loudly to call someone in to watch TV with her or just hang out. When I napped, she napped. When I worked, she sat under my desk supervising. And if she sensed I was spooked by someone or something, she showed enough of an aggressive streak to send a warning to whatever spooked me. Everyone loved Molly; everyone knew her. And did I mention how smart she was? Any time I had to train her for something, she picked it up very quickly. She also began to recognize certain songs, and I’ll especially never forget how when I did my workouts, she would get up off her bed and join me when she had the energy to do so. My heart is broken over losing my sweet baby, but I know she’ll be just as loved in Heaven as she was here on earth.