Oliver, 12/14/2009 – 08/30/2023

I have no words to describe the pain I feel knowing I will no longer here your funny honking sounds letting me know you want my attention, no longer have you cuddle with me under the covers lying on my chest and putting your head next to mine, no longer turn around and see you following me into the other rooms.. you were my VERY SPECIAL BOY, my Ollie Oliver.. we’ve been thru so very much together.. we’ve seen each other thru very difficult times in each of our lives, but we were ALWAYS there for each other, no matter what.. my heart has completely shattered into a million pieces when you crossed over to the other side.. and I have to tell myself that you are now in a better place, because I know you are back home with your rightful loving master, our Heavenly Father in Heaven, and I was soooo so very BLESSED & HONORED that God entrusted me with your care these past 13-1/2 years.. I will forever miss you, my sweet sweet loyal, loving, faithful friend.. may you rest in peace in the loving arms of our Saviour Jesus in Heaven, and although this is Good-bye for now, I know in my heart we will see each other again in Heaven.. but for now, for the rest of my time in this life, I will forever miss & love you so very much, my sweet Oliver..