Pumpkin you were the best cat I could have ever asked for. The moment I saw you at just 3weeks old I knew there was something special about you. I had a bond with you that I’ve never had with a pet before. Saying goodbye was the one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do but I didn’t want you suffering or in pain any longer. You didn’t deserve that. I would have paid anything to keep you here with me longer but I would have been selfish to drag you along that ride without a definite your going to be a 100 percent or even make it through it. I am sorry there wasnt anything I could do. But I am glad you felt peace and comfort in my arms as I said goodbye and you left for heaven. Thank you for the almost 10years I got to spend with you. I will cherish those memories for the rest of my life. We will meet again one day my sweet boy. Rest in peace. Gone but never forgotten! I love you with all my heart pumpkin!!!