Rok, 6/99-11/29/13

Hey Rokyboy…Well, it’s 2 months since you went to the Rainbow Bridge. Our hearts are still hurting but we know that you are ok, no pain and running in the fields of the rainbow bridge and playing with your brother Brody who has been patiently waiting for you since 2005. Dad and me say these real nice prayers for you and light a candle also during the Monday night Rainbow Bridge Candle lighting Ceremony, it has helped us get thru some tuff days missing you. I am also sharing missing pets in NJ on facebook in your honor…it’s been helping me not miss you so much and because we feel we are too old for another pet this is the least I can do to help the animals…you’ve taught me so much Rok about love and mostly loyalty…I was dreaming about you this morning and really missed shoveling your yard for you during all this snow we’ve been having, I know you weren’t a real fan of it so that is why Mommy would shovel that big, huge circle in the yard for you to do your business…We also donated to the Hamilton Animal shelter all of your treats and your brand new bag of dog food we had just bought for you…that was also donated in your honor…so I am happy that we got to feed those homeless and missing dogs around there(even if though it wasn’t very much, every bit helps)…it helped us so much…You’re the best buddy…I know you are staying warm at the bridge, you hated being cold so much…Love, hugs and kisses from Mommy and Daddy…miss you buddyboy!!!!