To my Titan my Bubby Boy, Today is February 1st, and its been one year since you left us so suddenly a beautiful not even6 year old German Shepherd, just dying suddenly with no known cause or explanation, well Titan this year has never been the same without you here, some people would say its a pet but to me and daddy you were our baby boy!!!! I love and miss you so much I still look out to see if you are running with your favorite football in your mouth ,all your toys are still here and your favorite scooby doo is still waiting for you to go to sleep with him Your doggie sister Tayja loves and misses you too and Tia and Tori your baby kitties still look to snuggle and lay with you too, I do hope you are playing with your sister melanie and your brothers bo and mittens and you have all the pig ears ice pops and vanilla ice cream that you want and your doggie bisquits,I wear my always in my heart locket with you everyday and kiss it all day cause its a part of you that is around me every day…. I love you and miss you my Titan 7 days a week 24 hours a day… always in my heart and soul my baby bubby boy I love you oxoxoxoxoxo Mommy