Bella, 2/18/2015 – 12/15/2021

Our sweet beautiful little Bella girl.❤️
Mommy fell in love with you the first time I saw your precious beautiful little face and knew you were our little girl.💕 I went to pick you up and bring you home where you belong. You were a blessing sent to us and immediately became a part of our family. You brought us so much love, happiness & joy and loved us unconditionally. ❤️❤️ We’ll always remember your beautiful little face &
the way you looked at us with so much love in your eyes & the way you rested your cute little head on my shoulder. You loved to jump up to lay on Daddy & Mommy and cuddle up between us every night in bed. All you wanted was to be with us. Our home is not the same without you our sweet Bella girl. You were so beautiful & so small, but you had a big presence. The little pitter patter of your tiny paws walking around the house & the jingle of your pretty pink collar. You were loved so much & gave us the sweetest kisses 😘. You loved how Mommy would kiss you over & over and hold you in my arms 😍. You loved when Mommy sang to you & made up “Bella” songs, Daddy got a kick out of that. We’ll always remember how you loved to play, Mommy would chase you around the house and say, “Mama”s going to get you Bella girl”. You would run & look back to make sure I was still behind chasing you & Daddy would laugh. You would run behind the bed so cute and Mommy & Daddy would come and get you. We’ll always remember how happy & excited you got when Mommy & Daddy came home from being out, we would say “Mama’s home, “Daddy’s home & you would tun to us & do your cute little spin & Daddy called you spiny girl. You loved being out on the deck with us sitting in Daddy’s lap on a warm summer night and you loved staying with Mommy & Daddy in the yard and by the pool. You enjoyed walking around the yard & laying in the grass or being on the deck. We will miss all the sweet things about you pretty Bella girl & will never forget you.🥰 Our home is not the same without you pretty girl, you brought us so much love & comfort❤️❤️ We will love you forever our beautiful little Bella girl and you will always be in our hearts and in our thoughts. Till we meet again our sweet little Angel, Bella girl.❤️❤️❤️