Buddy Hayakawa, 10/10/09-12/30/20


Best friend. Hero. Brother. Son. Family. No words will ever justify how much you meant to us. We still remember when you came home–only two months old. December 9, 2009. You were quiet and playful. You blended in with the snow. You always made us happy. You loved us. You would sit at our feet during long days. You barked for your brother when he fell in the snow and needed help. You made us better people. We know how much you wanted to sit with us at the dining room table. We know how much you wanted to eat human food. Since you left us, every night we have cooked a hamburger for you, and placed it where you sat only three years ago on Mother’s Day after jumping onto the dining room chair to our surprise. Our beautiful Westie. Our best friend. We love you more than anything, but we know that we will see you again.

Your parents and brother