Chloe, June 10, 2010 – September 16, 2021

RIP my sweet Chloe Girl. You will be so very deeply missed. You were, hands down, the FEISTIEST female I have ever known. Yet you were always a true princess in every sense. You came into my life at just the right time, mending my broken heart after losing Grandma and Casey Kitty. You were feisty even as a kitten with your ears so big they took over your head! It took you some time to grow into those ears! You were spunky, funny, sweet (to me at least, others may disagree, lol), quirky, and full of life. You challenged everyone you met (especially Chris and Clover Hill staff!) and loved doing so. However, you loved me unconditionally with all your heart, and you couldn’t have been sweeter to me, always. You knew the times I was sad, and you snuggled with me. You knew when I was about to oversleep, and you’d wake me up! You were a wonderful assistant and sat by me for all my research, paper writing, and moaning/groaning about graduate school. Laser light games will never be the same. How will I get my schoolwork done without you pushing my papers to the floor, chewing on the tip of my pencil while I write, and laying on my computer keyboard while swatting at the screen? I will think of you every time I hear Ray Charles “Crazy Love” and how we danced to that song. Mornings will be sad without you waking me up (aggressively, lol) for breakfast. Walking through the door after a long day at work will be so lonely. You were the best door greeter, and always made me so happy to be home. I loved coming home to you. But today you had to leave us, all too soon. I am so very sad. You are not in pain anymore, and that gives me peace. But peace doesn’t fill the void and emptiness left behind. Know that you were loved, adored, and will be missed by us all (even those you hissed and swatted at, lol). Go be with Calvin and chase after the laser lights, roll in the catnip, and EAT lots of food. Meet me at the door when I get up there…….I will forever love you, my sweet Chloe girl.