Gizmo, July 05, 2010 – July 02, 2022

Gizmo, after almost 12 years of causing trouble and bringing smiles to people’s faces, you have finally crossed the rainbow bridge. You will always be remembered for your crazy antics, your off the wall energy, and your fearless persona. While you were small in stature, you had a larger than life personality. You were the cutest little guy and you always knew how to use those good looks to your advantage. You were a constant con artist who could always sucker us for another treat, or get us to do exactly what you wanted. You were a great dancer who loved to be carried, or who would just sit on the couch and bob your head to your favorite music. You loved to lick metal. We really don’t know why, but no purse, shoebuckle, necklace, latch, or knob was ever safe. You also loved to lick your brother, Tank’s, face and if we weren’t careful, you might lick ours too. You had a crooked tongue that often hung out of your mouth but that only added to your charm. You will always be remembered and missed. We love you Gizmo! ❤ – Mommy and Daddy