Hushpuppy, July 8, 2013-June 22, 2021

“Hushpuppy” was named after the character HUSHPUPPY from the movie “Beasts of the Sourhern Wild”. She was a little Fiesta, and very independent! She also had several nicknames: L’il Kim, Hushpuppy HamilCat, and “HotPants”! She had her own theme song, and loved to take pictures and was very photogenic. She is most known for her Hamilton inspired parody, “Let’s Eat Some Mice!”. Her expressive eyes gained the attention of all our visitors and she welcomed them always with a coy smile. She always stood like a dancer and could hold her leg as high as any Rockette! Laying next to me was one of her favorite things except for watching the co structuring guys working on the park outside our window ar Hudson Yards. She held her physical beauty through all the pain and discomfort she was in. Oh how I loved her and wanted her with me always. But on June 22, she ceased being a cat, and became an ANGEL!