King Kylo, unknown, 11/10/2022

Our dearest Kylo was the sweetest cat. When we went to adopt him, the lady at the shelter had said he didn’t like people and that he scratched a lot. I went up to his cage and he stuck his paw out at me and looked at me with his beautiful green eyes. When she opened the cage he jumped on me and at that moment I knew he was my cat, he had picked me. Kylo was my spirit animal. He always knew when I was down, always sat with me when I was sick, he never left my side. He was a no foolishness kind of floof and he didn’t let many people touch him, but he always loved my cuddles. He was a faithful friend and companion. We loved him so much and still do. No matter where he is he will always be in my heart. He loved us so much, but he was always a Mama’s boy. He truly was the catalyst to my cat lady-dom and he opened both our hearts to so much love. Our Kylo will forever live on in our memory and in our hearts. The moments we had I will cherish them until the day we meet again.

Rest easy my sweet cat, I know you loved us so very much and I know one day we will meet again. We will never forget you and will always love you. Rest In Peace sweet angel ❤️🐈🐾