Laci girl… When I brought you home 13 years ago as a foster pet after you had been given up for adoption and stayed with me to recover from being spayed, I promised you that you would find a home where someone would love you and take care of you forever. That someone turned out to be me. Who saved who? You have given me unconditional love. You were my protector and my companion. I miss you so much my heart aches and I feel so empty and lost without you here. Dutchie misses you also and does not understand what happened. I want to run with you in the park again and I miss your playing with your loudest squeaky toys you could find. I still look for you. I find comfort in knowing that I have given you a wonderful life and that even though the decision to put you to sleep was such a painful one, it was the right one. I always promised you I would be there for you at the end, and I find peace in knowing that I was the last face you saw and the last voice you heard telling you how wonderful you are and how much I love you and will miss you. Your passing was peaceful and you are at rest. I will get your remains and as promised, you will come back home to the home & people you loved & who loved you. When I pass, your urn will be buried with me. As promised, I will never leave you and will always, always love you and miss. RIP my baby girl. xoxo
Gail Kapcsandi