You were such a good little boy!! I feel we failed you, if only we did this or that, I don’t know. I just hope you know how special you were. You were such an individual. Whenever we moved you were always the brave one, the first one, out and about investigating. It was always such a treat whenever i woke up and felt you next to me, i could always tell it was you, by how soft your fur was, I felt like the chosen one, because you were next to me! And Sugarbear missed you, I know he did! Those last few weeks in our new home, once again the brave one, not hiding under the bed, I can still see you sitting on the couch looking like a mountain lion, you and your little self! I was so proud that you were out and being sociable even letting all of the kids pick you up, and snuggle with you. I am so sorry that we were not holding you when you took your last breath. Maybe the surgery was too much? But they said you were healthy, so we thought it was the right thing to do, we just wanted you around forever, but they only take the good when they are young, and so you left us. At least Sugabear was by your side, and that gives us comfort. You will always be a cherished member of our family. We will miss you forever.
Christian Wilson