There could never be a more descriptive name, all you wanted was sugar! There could never be a more snuggable lovable cat! The second I got in bed, there you were, for the full 8 hours, I often felt you somehow scooched yourself backward so you could be closer to me. If ever there was a momma’s boy! You brought us so much love and happiness, there will always be a void in our bed and our heart’s without you. I loved our morning routine when i would come home, and you would stretch, get a belly rub, i would put the treats out, then you would wait for a kiss before eating. Brittany said your belly was the only one she would rub, because you were so special and loving! I can’t make any sense of this to lose my two baby’s within two months, and you to some neuro virus so suddently? I just hope you didn’t suffer, we held your paws till your very last breath. It made your mommy so happy that you stopped crying when you heard my voice! You knew we were there, always by your side. We didn’t want you to suffer, and surely that comes before the pain that we are feeling without you. We are comforted knowing that you are with Christian but our hearts are heavy knowing we are without you both. I hope there is a great big bed in the sky where you and Christian can wrap yourselves up in, and a big window with lots of birds for you to gaze out, and someone giving you both endless treats. We love you forever, and you will always be a cherished member of our family. We love you Sugarbear.
Sugarbear Wilson