Honored Pet Memorial Wall

Honored Pet Memorial Wall

In Loving Memory…

Remembrance is important. The memorials on this wall will never be taken down, creating an everlasting tribute to your loved one. The pets honored below have touched the lives of families and will be forever missed.



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Watson, 2009 (Adopted May 24, 2012) – March 20, 2022

Our beloved Watty, your heart was too big for this world. Thank you for 10 perfect years. You were born the bravest of German Shepherds, sweetest of American Staffordshires, and most regal & snobby of the Great Pyrenees. We will never forget your love stares, love gulps, sneaky kisses, airplane ears, and goofy smiles. You were kind to all people and animals, and always tried to make everyone laugh, even your fellow doggies by your howls and hoots at them. You were a CARD alright. From the moment you picked us as your family at SAVE, we couldn’t help but fall in love with you. You soon forgot your first three years as a shelter dog and were so proud to have your very own forever family and a forever mommy. How lucky we were to have found you. You were our family’s glue and brought us nothing but pure joy. We will never forget finding our own secret trail in the Adirondacks, where you could roam off leash; swimming and river rafting together in the summer; apple picking in the fall; sledding in the snow on the golf course; walks to the pond; Rulfs Orchard; Ralph’s Ices; our ferry rides and long car trips, and how you loved froggies and “frogging” (watching the frogs jump in the pond). You were most fond of big, green fields; weekend trips; squeaking tennis balls and stuffed animals; herding your cats, Jenny and Winnie; the Lake Placid dog park; ice cream; presents and holidays; the seashore; playing with the hose; spin jumping; rolling in the grass; snuggling; and sleeping upside down in our arms. You loved the deer family that would visit us daily at your Adirondack home, especially Sweetie-bird, watching the birdies and squirrels from the window, and the nightly visit from the raccoon family. Along with your incredible sweetness, you were a true guard dog without our even asking you to be. Your only true fears were feathers, thunder, and fireworks. Our great joy was seeing how over the years you learned to let your guard down a little, although until the end you always loved to give the UPS man and the gas station workers a good talking to. Watson, you truly are one of a kind — an irreplaceable, extraordinary being — beloved beyond words by your family. We will miss rolling you over every day, holding you in our arms, hugging your big neck, and getting kisses after work. We are all very heartbroken without you, and further devastated that Hemangiosarcoma ripped you from us with so little time. We will try to be the best we can be in your honor and to help other animals as you would have wanted. We will try to remember the joy and happiness that were the majority of your life, and not the sadness we have felt these last weeks in losing you. We wish we could have given you all the things you loved for longer here on earth. We will cherish our most beautiful last day together, the first day of spring weather in Hopewell, when you sat with us outside on the farm under the trees, listening to the birds singing, with the leaves falling on your nose. We did not know it was your last day, but it was the perfect kind of day for such a perfect creature. We hope where you are now is better beyond even our wildest imaginations, that you are at peace, free of all pain, and that you are being taken care of by Jenny, Yaya, and Chocolate. Watch over us forever as our guardian angel. We will look for you in the stars and the clouds, in the ocean waves and the blowing winds on the mountains. We miss you for now our sweetest and most loving friend, and long for the day we can see you again. — “And Yes, we know you are with us. You are our moon. Our Sun, you are here with us. We’ll go with you on ships across seas, which we know exist no longer. With you, we shall experience them again.” —

Walnut 10/9/2006- 3/6/2022

You will be missed and remembered always Walnut !

Porter 6/12/11 — 3/13/22

In the 10 years we had Porter, he brought so much joy to our lives. He was taken from us far too soon. We will love and miss you forever.
When the question is asked “Who’s a good boy?” the answer will always be “Porter”. He was the best. Rest Easy, Porter Boy.

Tully 9/19/10 – 3/9/22

Tullamore aka “Tully dog” you were the best friend our family could ever have Rest In Peace old friend you will be missed.

Dexter 01/20/2010-03/07/2022

Missing you! Rest easy buddy. Xoxo

Roo Roo 11/8/07- 3/8/22

The loss is immeasurable, but so is the love left behind.
My sweet girl- we have loved you and will miss you terribly. We were so incredibly lucky to have you for over fifteen years. Rest easy my little girl.

Leo, 2.26.2007 – 2.25.2022

Leo, the goodest boy, beach lover, ice cream enthusiast, basset sprinter, drool slinger, hater of car rides, incessant whiner, cheek blower, lap napper, spiteful anger pooper, picker outer of peas and carrots from chicken and rice bowls, one-time model, howler alonger to Sam Smith Christmas songs, perpetually undecided about whether he was coming inside or outer, brother to Peanut, and nana to Emmy, passed peacefully in his sleep in the morning one day shy of his 15th birthday. Despite heart problems, cancer, bloat scares, and losing his back legs twice, he went out like a champ in the comfort of his own bed at home, in the same exact position that he spent 22 out of 24 hours even on his best days. We know he’ll always be with us, both in our hearts and because his needle hair will furever be woven into every last textile we’ve ever owned until the end of time. With his last breaths, he left us one last giant drool puddle on the rug to remind us of the good times when we lived in midtown and Leo would do an iconic Basset shake and slime the backs of the super serious suits waiting to cross the street, or when we lived near a modeling agency in Gramercy Park and he would do the same to all the fancy models, or when we lived in California and –really, he would literally do that to everyone. We’ll also fondly remember every time he’d nuzzle his head against our legs exactly right as we were trying to leave the house and we’d have to go change our drool and hair-covered pants. He had a long wonderful life, filled with long walks through Central Park, and along Santa Monica Beach. He enjoyed lots of ice cream, stolen steaks, and this one time, a 3-lb bag of greenies (cue the explosive green diarrhea) his Basset nose led him to kitchen cabinets and to stranger’s backyard BBQs at his grandma’s lakehouse. Leo was our first baby, and we are so tahnkful he made it long enough to get to love Emmy. Rest in ease, sweet boy. We love you and ’till we meet again. <3

Kirby, 8.14.08-02.21.22

My best friend, the one I grew up with. I love you and miss you every day. Life won’t be the same without you and your big goofy ears and wobbly back legs. 13.5 years still wasn’t nearly long enough. I hope you’re running circles faster than ever with Murphy, eating plenty of your favorite cheeseburgers and French fries. I told you I would love you forever and I meant that, forever. My sweet boy I will see you again, until then I know you will live in my heart.


I have never had such a sweet loving cat like my Sweetie. I will miss you so much, we had breakfast together every morning and you brought your toy mice to bed every night. R.I.P. my sweet little girl. You left to soon at only eight years old but I will see you again.

Nova, 11/09/2007-02/14/2022

Our beloved Nova. We could not have asked for a more faithful & loving girl. In our hearts always.

Coco 8/7/2006 – 2/11/2022

Coco lived life to the fullest even when falling ill and with injury in the last year of her life. She always maintained an optimistic demeanor and persevered — showcasing her rare and unique ability to act so much more than just a pet, but a true part of the family. Coco brought so much joy into our lives along with unconditional love and was loved the same since the moment she was brought home.
You can always find Coco soaking up the daytime sun, snuggling on the couch, playing hide and seek and enjoying car rides. She will forever hold a special place in the hearts of everyone she met and be remembered as the sweetest, precious dog.
Coco, thank you for allowing us to live life with you and have the best 15 years. You are sorely missed. ❤️
Love you forever, Mom, Dad, Danielle, Jeanine & Amani ♥️

Cheyenne, 4/11/2008 – 2/18/2022

Cheyenne was the best dog ever. He was my soul dog. He was always there to welcome me home no matter how difficult it was. He was the most affectionate loyal dog. He was there for me just as I was there for him until the very end. He was the sweetest boy ever. No one could ever replace you. I will miss you and someday I will see you.

Cocoa Weir 2/19/2009 -2/17/2022

Cocoa Weir My loyal, loving baby …
You sleep on my heart now & your spirit will forever live within my soul

Cocoa Weir 2/19/2009 -2/17/2022

Cocoa Weir My loyal, loving baby …
You sleep on my heart now & your spirit will forever live within my soul

Jack, 1.6.10 – 2.9.22

Jack, Thank you for being the greatest companion I have ever known. Thank you for protecting my family, especially the kids. For always being the first to welcome me home, and the last I see before we go to sleep. You will always be with us everyday for the rest of our lives. We love you buddy. Getting up in the morning is just not the same without you.

FREE 2007-2022

My constant companion. You will be missed by all who had the pleasure of meeting you, getting a smell and/enduring a warm lick. You brought a lot of joy into my life and I enjoyed loving you every day.

Carmella 03/29/2009-02/12/2022

My beloved Carmella, you will be missed by all who loved you but not any more than you will be missed by me. Not a day will go by that I don’t think about having yuh next to me.

Love you forever and always my sweet baby girl.

Emma 04/21-06 – 01/19/22

Our Sweet Baby Emma
From the moment Daddy and I saw your little beautiful, wide-opened, golden eyes, we knew you were going home with us –where you belonged! We wanted to give you a world you deserved, and although that is impossible for any human, we did all that we could.

At 12 weeks old and barely 1.5 pounds, you became the princess of the house. We went crazy at the store getting you as many toys and things we thought you’d like. Our sweet little girl, you were so incredibly grateful. You immediately began to let us know by jumping on the kitty tower, which was fit for a princess. We had to help you since your new toy was too tall for you to reach the top; nonetheless, despite your sweet disposition — your determined and feisty spirit (just like mommy’s) — made it possible for you to conquer your new huge toy in no time at all; and it became one of your favorite toys and places for napping. However, nothing compared to sleeping in bed with Mom & Dad.

On your first night at home, we hardly slept as your purred and walked in between our pillows, thanking us and showing us how happy you were. What you didn’t know is that we were just as happy, perhaps even more so! Our lives were forever touched and changed in ways we could have never even imagined and definitely for the better. Daddy and I became better humans, as only a pure, noble, and sweet spirit such as yours could inspire one to be — the best one can be! You became our baby, our little princess, our family, our companion, and the one for whom both of us always had the same goal — to make you happy by loving, protecting, and spoiling you!

I’m so grateful to have had the privilege to love you for almost 16 years and also for not having to see you suffer from a long-dragged illness. Although it was a shock to see how your years suddenly caught up with you and there’s an enormous emptiness at home, it was better for you to cross the Rainbow Bridge, my sweetie. Our hearts could not have withstood the pain of seeing you gasping for air or in pain for an extended time. However, my mind is flooded with mixed feelings, wondering whether or not I fought hard and long enough for you, my little princess. I hope you understand and forgive me/us if we let you down. We tried to protect you until the end by preventing further suffering for you, our sweet love. Unfortunately, as humans, we are virtually impotent when it comes to illnesses and death.

Our love for you was tested unimaginably, as we had to end the suffering which afflicted you by the sudden illness(es) for the past few weeks. The options were equally agonizing — to put you through more painful testing and suffering only to risk losing you — chaotically — in the middle of it. Worse of all — allow your last minutes on this earth to be horrific or let you go peacefully, dignified, and with mommy’s love by your side — to Rainbow Bridge. So, through the fire, I walked — for you, Mommy’s sweet baby — to cross the Rainbow Bridge and begin your new life in that perfect place – the only one you deserve to be!

A place where the sun always shines, where you can breath absolute pure air — the kind that doesn’t exist in this world. A place where you can be running and playing with the thousands of birds, butterflies, and other kiddies/ pets, in between countless rainbows and waterfalls. A place where you, our clever, sweet, and feisty princess Emma, will never get tired, nor sick, nor afraid. A place where you will forever be healthy and full of vigor and receive the Divine Love from our Lord Almighty — Creator of the universe.

We believe all pure spirits, such as the ones from babies and yours, automatically return home to our Father in heaven. The place we long to be reunited with you, our sweet little princess, once we complete the “good race” in this world. We will always love you. Until we meet again, our sweet baby Emma! Mami, Papi & Furby.

Bubba Christopher 10/1/05-2/3/22

You were the of light of my life and soul and it’s unbearable not having you by my side. I feel so lost without you angel boy. You’ve been sending me signs all week that you’re still with me but I so wish you were still physically here. I love you and miss you more than you could possibly know. Thank you for choosing me to be your Mom.

Chopper 10/9/04 – 2/1/22

You are so missed, we are very grateful to have been able to spend almost 18 years with you. Our house and our hearts are so empty without you but we know you are not suffering anymore and I am sure you are running free with grandmom getting spoiled and lots of treats which you loved.
We love you and will miss you forever and ever 💔