Mimi, 05/2005 – 9/7/2022

R.I.P. Mimi

A few things about Mimi:
1. I found him in a parking lot when he was a baby, at the time he couldn’t even eat, I had to use an eye drop bottle to feed him.
2. I’ve moved 4 times, and lived in 5 different places and he was with me always.
3. He watched me to go to school and graduated and started working.
4. He would come and check in with me to see if I was OK if he heard any strange sound.
5. When Babe passed away, he would come sleep with me which he had never done that prior to that. He felt my emotion and tried to comfort me.
6. He went with me to FL in an RV trip.
7. He loved tuna, and snacks, ham, bread.
8. He had never been sick until recently.
9. He sometimes would sleep talk, meowing while asleep.

I love you forever. Hope you are happy in heaven, have bunch of tuna to eat every day.