Poppy Riggs, 01/25/2022 – 09/01/2023, 18.5 months fabulously young

There are a million words I could say about my Poppy girl, and a million more people who would confirm them all. When I first saw pictures of my Poppy girl with her Millie Moon sister as tiny babies, I knew they were the perfect pair for my Lucky Elaina. I knew they were the perfect disaster waiting to happen for us, as all kittens are. But when I first hold her, I knew she would be something special; I just didn’t know how special and in how short a time. My Poppy girl got sick at 15.5 months, and even then, I think we all knew, there wasn’t a long, drawn out, happily every after for her. But we knew with whatever time we had left, it was going to be the happiest ever after, and the best companion love story she could ever have. Poppy touched lives, wherever she could, whether she was there or not. Pictures were shown, stories were freely told, to both people AND to her. If her walls could talk in a language we knew, oh the tea it would have spilled. She was given more treats than anyone should ever get. She become a chonk, and I loved it so much. She because everyone at PASEs best friend.. not just because she listened, but because she talked and judged and freely gave her opinion. Towards the end, she started to slow down, and want to hide more, but still keep her eye out for the drama. She would need help to the litter, but she made it look like the most Royal of things needed, not something to be ashamed of. Even at the very end, the best ~4.5 months later, she was carried over the rainbow bridge, not just in Mommy’s arms and holding Daddy’s hands, but with Auntie Erica giving her every bit of love and support as she could.

There were definitely bad points during the 4.5 months she was sick, but honestly, I’d rather the love filled memories be her happiest, most love filled moments. She has touched more people in her life than many cats can touch in entire 20 year long lives!

Mom note: I couldn’t tell if one of my favorite pics was one of the more adorable pictures or one of her in her almost constant “blank, dazed” face but I had to go with loving because she’s all that and more.