Prince 01/09/2007 – 12/10/2021

Our precious angel Prince was called back to Heaven today …..
We knew for a long time this was coming and we thought we were prepared …..
No, that is BS. You are never prepared to let your fur baby go.
We could not be selfish though trying to keep him for how much longer? A week? A month? I hope he understands. I think he does. We were blessed to have him for much longer than expected.
So many memories ….. March 15, 2007 is one. The day we brought him home for the first time at nine weeks old and 4 lbs. I opened the door, put him on the floor, first thing he did was grab one of Carlos’ good slippers that he kept by the door and run with it in his mouth to the other end of the house as if he had been there a million times before. How could he do that? He could have easily fit inside that slipper! Or the day we almost lost him at one year old due to a severe allergic reaction to a vaccine. The vet saved his life after over an hour of uncertainty. He said it was a good thing we had not left his office yet or Prince would have died on the way home. Even then we could not imagine being without him.
He kept secrets from us too! Like why he would only bark at every mailman we crossed paths with or if he ever found the gold he was digging for on the couch or the bed …..
We think he had a good life. We believe we did everything we could to improve his health and quality of life these last two and a half years. Until we could not. If there was a place on earth where we could find a cure we would have gone there to get it. He was very much loved. Now is the time for us to be strong and remember how smart, funny and sweet he was. I knew people who were afraid of dogs saying Prince was the only dog they liked! This picture is one of my favorites. I smile every time I see it, even now …..
Mom, please take good care of him. I know how much you loved each other.
We will always love you, our beautiful baby Prince! ❤️
Mami and Papi