Simba 3/08-10/24

My beautiful boy Simba, I love you so much ♥️ I am so honored you picked me to be your mommy that day in the shelter. You have been the brightest light in my life and my daily purpose. My best friend, side by side through everything. You had the silliest personality but you always protected me. You made everyone laugh but knew when times were serious and just required your cuddles. You always sensed sadness. You would come over and do a double nestle underneath my arm and look at me like everything was going to be okay. Your cute tendencies always took my worries away. You always barked at the vacuum like it was going to eat your food 😂 You loved sunning on the patio and being right next to me. You always insisted on hanging out of the sunroof with jowels and drool flying in the wind. You always ran so hard to catch the waves when they crashed and just wanted to bite them mid air. My sweet “Swimba,” you truly earned that name. I always loved watching you come fresh out of the ocean and roll around in the sand like it was heaven. We had so many “firsts” together. I’m reminiscing all of the things we did together.. dog parks, car rides, holidays, dress up time, baths that you learned to like, trips to the store, playing ball, traveling wherever they allow fur babies and going to your most favorite spot ever.. the dog beach ♥️ You will always be my exotic baby lion, my angel baby, my simmy ♥️🐕 May God wrap his arms around you and keep you warm and at peace, until we can be together again. You are the most special boy in the world and you are forever loved and cherished everyday in our hearts ♥️
Love always,
Your Mommy that loves you to the moon and back ♥️🐕