Beau, March 17, 2008-November 29,2021

Beau Beau was the kindest, sweetest gentleman dog that there ever was. He and his litter were rescued in Puerto Rico and came into St. Hubert’s when I volunteered there in the kennels. His laid-back demeanor was perfect for our home. Our kids and my husband fell in love with Beau as did everyone who’s ever met him. If I have a dollar for every person who said they wanted to dognap him…
Beau became a therapy dog once he was age eligible at 1. We visited hospitals and special schools. There were children who could not see or communicate but squealed with joy upon feeling Beau’s silky soft fur. He brought joy and comfort to everyone he met. We spent the last four months caring for him during his battle with cancer and there was nothing we wouldn’t have done for him. Now he is out of pain and out of the body that gave out on him. We hope his spirit is running free.