MILO, 11/03/2011 – 12/01/2021

My little buddy Milo, no words can ever describe the sorrow and pain we feel with your passing. It seems like only yesterday we brought you and your sister Holly home with us. You were both so little you fit in one hand and while you grew up in the past 10 years, you were still my little buddy and mommy’s big boy. Everyone fell in love with your boyish charms, and little nervous ticks. I am so going to miss walking through the door every night and having you run to greet me and then jump onto the back of the couch, start moving your little front feet up and down, and that cute little whine you did until I came over and gave you a hug, and then you would sneak in a couple of kisses in-between making sure no-one saw you. Seeing your empty bed breaks our hearts knowing that before we go to sleep, you won’t be there to flip over and ask us to rub your belly and then tuck you under your blanket. You were not our pet, you were and always will be our little boy. The amount of joy, happiness and comfort you brought into our lives can never be measured. Saying you will be missed is an understatement. No day shall pass that we won’t shed a tear knowing you are gone from our lives, but we will also smile knowing that even though your physical body is gone, you will always be with us in our hearts and your spirit will be laying right there next to us on the couch like you always did. Every where we went, you had to go first ahead of your sister and niece, but I didn’t want you to go now, it was too soon, I want you here with us. I’m crying as I write this Milo, I want to hold you one more time, but I know I cannot. Run and jump little buddy, jump from the highest spots, you can’t get hurt now. I know you love to jump. Rest easy my boy, we will see you again. Everlasting love from Mommy, Daddy, Gerald, Chris, Holly, Sophie, and TJ.