Being Present for Pet Cremations

Being Present for Pet Cremations

Pet Cremations, Saying goodbye to our pets

Some of the last moments we remember with our loved ones can feel like an immense haze. 

Our thoughts tend to race miles per minute, while we try to process information and cremation options. 

We want to make the best choices while being mindful that these are our last moments with our furry loved one. In the blink of an eye, our cherished memories become filled with blurred tears and thoughts of how and where things may have gone wrong.  Although we all know that our furry friends someday must cross the Rainbow Bridge, no amount of time or awareness can prepare us for that dreaded day.

Our maternal and paternal instincts refuse to accept that we unfortunately must walk away empty handed, without our loved one. Sometimes all we need is to be able to  say our proper goodbyes before their final send off over the Rainbow Bridge. 

Witness and Viewing appointments

Witnessed Pet Cremations and Viewings  are popular services that are offered directly through Pet Meadow. You may let your local animal clinic or facility know that you’re possibly interested in these services during the time of your euthanasia appointment. 

Witnessed Cremations and Viewings at Pet Meadow provide families with reassurance as well as closure. These services provide families a chance to have a memorial service for their loved one. These services are only available by appointment, and the room is reserved for an additional cost.

Families are able to visit our grounds and offices to build a better understanding of what we do at Pet Meadow for our furry companions.

The initial sit down, or phone call with our Bereavement Consultants provides a formal approach, and ensures that we provide each family with the right memorial options for them. We understand that every family is different and this is a custom experience for each.

Viewing Appointment

Our Private viewing rooms let families and friends gather with their pet to spend time and commemorate them, much like a human wake. Families are encouraged to bring any special toys, treats or items that they would like their furry friends to be sent over the Rainbow bridge with.  Pet siblings are also welcome.

Families can grieve privately and uninterrupted, and develop their own sense of closure. Many times, the viewing service itself is enough to soothe one’s mourning process but other times families need more. 

Witness Cremation

Attached to our private viewing room is a single crematory chamber that is used to conduct our Private Cremation. A glass window that divides the two rooms provides a general view of the cremation area. If they choose, families can witness their pet enter the cremation chamber to ensure that their pet is being cremated completely by themselves. 

This special service is set up for families to view a true private cremation. The room is designed for families to grieve comfortably together. 

Once the cremation has begun, we allow families to wait in the viewing room from start to finish while the viewing room window remains open. The duration of the Witness appointment varies on the weight and size of the pet.  Families are able to take their loved one’s home the day of the appointment or we can hand deliver the pet’s remains back to the veterinary hospital. 

For many families these services are a means of protecting and accompanying their loved ones across the Rainbow Bridge. 

Private Cremation

We understand that witness appointments are not for everyone. For many families, knowing this is an option is comfort enough and they do not need the extra visitation. Their pets move through our process and still receive a true private cremation (if that was the service selected). We do not provide Individual cremations where your pet shares a chamber with other pets. Each pet is cremated by themselves in their own single set chamber. 

Please see:

for more information about the difference between Private and Individual cremation.

Some families are fortunate enough that their last moments with their pet were peaceful, and they already have their sense of closure. If you do not choose not to come in for a final visitation, you can still be sure that your pet will be cared for with dignity and respect. 

Pet Meadow is here for you

The grieving process can be long. But rest assured, those hazy memories eventually become clearer, our hearts begin to mend, and day by day things do get better.

Whether it’s with a Witness or Viewing appointment, phone calls or email, Pet Meadow is there to provide you with peace of mind at every stage of the cremation process. Please never hesitate to reach out to us. Our phone lines are open Monday-Saturday from 9am to 5pm 

Allyssa Gonzalez

Pet Bereavement Specialist