Private, Individual, and Communal Pet Cremations

Pet Cremations, Types of Services

After Care Options

Your pet is a beloved member of your family. When their time comes to pass on and cross the Rainbow Bridge, it can be hard to decide what your next step for aftercare is going to be.

Cremation can be a very logical choice. It allows for you to be able to bring your pet’s cremated remains, or “cremains”, back home to be kept safe with you. Some people have decided that they want their pet’s cremains to be buried with them when their time comes. Other families prefer to scatter the cremains at a pet’s favorite place to play. Cremation also may be preferable if you live in an area where burial of your pet is prohibited. If you live somewhere with no land, or if you are renting your space, you may not have the option for home burial.

Finding a pet cemetery near you is also a good option.  One thing to keep in mind when burying is if you decide to one day move away from the area.  If you do choose a pet cemetery be sure that it is Deed Restricted like Pet Meadow Hamilton. This deed restriction will ensure that the land will always be a pet cemetery, and your loved ones resting place is protected.

Cremation is the most flexible option. With cremation, families have the peace of knowing that when they do move to another home, they can take their beloved pet with them. 

Types of Pet Cremation

There are important questions to ask when considering cremation. Your veterinarian may work with a crematory service that can provide the aftercare services for you.  Keep in mind that you may  choose to work with a different company if you would like.  It is a common request and Veterinarians are used to making accomodations for you. 

If your pet passes away at home and you do not have a primary veterinarian to consult, you most likely have a pet crematory near you that can help you during this difficult time. It is important to do  research regarding that facility to make sure that they have the proper tracking and handling methods in place to ensure your pet is treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. It is our recommendation that you choose a crematory that has been accredited by the IAOPC.  This is a reputable cremation company that you can trust. You can search for accredited crematories in your area on their website using this link. Using an accredited facility is the easiest way to ensure the crematory meets the industry’s standards.

There are different types of pet cremation services, and it is crucial to know which services the crematory provides. The three types of pet cremation services are “Individual” or Segregated” cremation, “Private” cremation, and “Communal” or “Group” cremation. It is important to know the differences between the different cremation types so that you can make an informed decision and choose the service that best suits your family’s needs. 

Individual or Segregated Cremation

An Individual or Segregated cremation can be achieved by placing multiple pets into a single chamber, and separating them using trays, bricks, or space. Some crematories use human machines that have been permitted for pet use. Each pet’s location in the machine is tracked and documented. Each pet’s cremated remains are removed from the machine one at a time. During the cremation process, shifting and adjusting can occur. There is no way to prevent this entirely, and there is no way to see exactly what is happening inside the machine as it happens. As a result, commingling of cremains can occur without the crematory operator’s knowledge. 

Private Cremation, or Ashes Back

A “Private” cremation can only be achieved by cremating one pet completely by themselves in their very own chamber. Because the pet is completely alone during the entire cremation process, it can be guaranteed that all of the cremains coming out of that chamber belong to the same pet. Providing a Private cremation is the only way to be sure that a family receives their pet and only their pet’s cremains back. 

At Pet Meadow, we know it’s important for the cremation process to be accurate and reliable, which is why we provide Private Cremations. Our crematory is specifically designed to cremate pets. Each chamber is completely separate from each other to ensure no commingling occurs. 

Communal or Group

A Communal or Group cremation is achieved when multiple pets are placed into the same chamber and cremated together. Once the cremation process has been completed, all of the cremains are removed together from the chamber. Family members do not receive any cremains back.  It is important to note that owners can still have keepsakes made of their pet even if communal is chosen. Different facilities have their own ways of providing a final disposition of communal cremains. Some of these methods include scattering or burial, but it is very important to ask your provider where the cremains will end up for their final resting place. 

At Pet Meadow, we scatter our cremains on our cemetery grounds in Hamilton. We are a Deed restricted cemetery. 

Families find comfort knowing that their pet is alongside other beloved pets on private grounds. 

Losing your beloved pet is never easy. It is important to be informed of the different aftercare options so that when the time comes, you know that your pet is in good hands and you have chosen the service that best fits your needs.

Sydney Zimmer

Pet Bereavement Consultant