George Bailey

Our beloved Bailey, you have left a gapping hole in our hearts in leaving us too soon. We we’re not prepared for your time. The love you have given is beyond anything that we could have imagined when we adopted you. Our sweet boy, we miss you terribly! Born on Christmas day in 2011 we had the most wonderful life with you. A sweet gentle giant of a boy, loving, gentle, devoted, beautiful and playful. Everyone admired your beauty, children loved you, your size intimidated many, but they didn’t know how gentle and loving you were. You loved your daddy, loved your walks, and talks, your special treats and your weekly daycare buddies. Our sweet boy we are struggling to go on without you, but we could not be selfish and allow you to be in pain, so letting you go was the right thing for you, but it doesn’t feel right. We know we have to carry on, but life will not be the same without you. We love you our special boy! xxoo Mommy and Daddy