Little Lady Lacie “Lacie” 11/15/2005 – 10/25/2021

Your love and devotion to our family will truly and forever be missed. Saying goodbye has been one of the hardest things I, and our family had to do. Your loyalty and love can never, ever be replaced. Losing you has left a void in my life with a severely broken heart, but we know you had to go to avoid the pain and suffering. Our home is empty now without you, as we are missing your paw steps on our wood floors, your hugs your kisses, and most of all having you as a pet and family member. There are not enough words I can say of the pain I am feeling loosing you, but I and our family our grateful we found you so far away to call you our own. But you leaving us has left us lost, sad, and so lonely. I will miss you waking me up to go out, to eat, and just to ask me to hold you. As you never left my side when we were together is something I can never forget or replace, and as I look for you forgetting your gone I immediately cry in pain. Your remains will be with me in my final resting place, but I want you to know I love you so much, and will miss you forever as all of your family will. Please know all of my words said today comes from the heart of your entire family. REST IN PEACE MY BEST BUDDY! AS DADDY, MOMMY, TARA & BROOKE WILL MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU FOREVER.